When Should et al be used in APA 6th edition style?

When Should et al be used in APA 6th edition style?

If you are a citing a work by six or more authors in-text, you should list the first author’s surname followed by et al. in all citations.

How do you cite multiple authors in APA 6th edition?

Multiple Authors

  1. 2 Authors: Always cite both authors’ names in-text everytime you reference them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found…
  2. 6 or More Authors: If a document has six or more authors, simply provide the last name of the first author with “et al.” from the first citation to the last. Example: Thomas et al.

When Should et al be used in APA Style?

The phrase “et al.” is used with in-text citations only when referencing a source that has three or more authors. Include the name of only the first author’s last name plus “et al.” in every citation.

How do you cite 7 authors in APA 6th edition?

After the sixth author’s name, use an ellipsis in place of the author names. Then provide the final author name. There should be no more than seven names. Miller, F. H., Choi, M. J., Angeli, L. L., Harland, A. A., Stamos, J. A., Thomas, S. T., . . .

Do you put a comma before et al?

In MLA style, a comma is generally only used before et al. in the “Author” slot of works-cited-list entries when the author’s first and last names are reversed: Burdick, Anne, et al. Liu Chang et al.

How many authors use et al APA 7th edition?

When you have 3 or more authors, you only use the first author’s surname in text, and abbreviate the rest of the list with “et al.” (Latin for “and others”).

How do you use et al in APA?

The abbreviation “et al.” (meaning “and others”) is used to shorten in-text citations with three or more authors. Here’s how it works: Only include the first author’s last name, followed by “et al.”, a comma and the year of publication, for example (Taylor et al., 2018).

What is the proper use of et al in APA style?

The Proper Use of Et Al. in APA Style. Specifically, articles with one or two authors include all names in every in-text citation; articles with three, four, or five authors include all names in the first in-text citation but are abbreviated to the first author name plus et al. upon subsequent citations; and articles with six or more authors are…

How do you cite et al in APA with multiple authors?

Using et al. in APA style. In APA Style in-text citations, when a source has two authors, always list both. When there are six or more authors, cite the first author followed by “et al.”. When a source has three, four, or five authors, list all authors the first time the source is cited.

What does “et al” mean in the reference list?

In the reference list “et al.” is not used even if a work has more than three authors. Sources with two authors list the last name and initials (First initial, and middle if available) of both authors.

How do you cite an et al in Chicago style?

In MLA style, always use “et al.” for sources with three or more authors. This applies both to in-text citations and in the Works Cited list. Using et al. in Chicago style Chicago style has two systems of citation: notes and bibliography, and author-date style.