When did the USAF leave burtonwood?

When did the USAF leave burtonwood?

Major USAF use of Burtonwood ended in April 1959 when the flightline was closed although some use of the runway was made by gliders of the RAF Air Training Corps. For several years the facility fell into disuse and the USAF returned the station to the Ministry of Defence in 1965.

What is the population of Burtonwood?


Burtonwood Location within Cheshire
Population 11,265
OS grid reference SJ561928
Civil parish Burtonwood and Westbrook

Who owns Burtonwood brewery?

Thomas Hardy Burtonwood sold its brewery to Molson Coors in 2015, but its remaining operations on the shared site will be unaffected by the move. If the closure does go ahead, it would bring to an end more than 150 years of beer production at Burtonwood Brewery – which dates back to 1867.

What is brewed at Burtonwood brewery?

the Burtonwood ales
Brewery. The village is known for its brewery, which brewed the Burtonwood ales. The brewery was founded in 1867, and built up a large estate of pubs. In 1964 Burtonwood Breweries became a public company, but retained its head office in the village.

What does Burtonwood Brewery make?

Thomas Hardy Burtonwood (Molson Coors)

Name ABV Added
Manns Light Ale Brewed by/for Marston’s (Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Co.) 3.2% Mild Ale 3.2 1/15/2004
Morrells Bicentenary Ale (retired) Brewed by/for Marston’s (Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Co.) 5% Strong Ale – English 5.0 11/29/2004

What is the purpose of the Burtonwood Association?

The aim of the Burtonwood Association is to uphold the memory of the men, women and activities that occurred at RAF Burtonwood, Warrington, England since 1939 to the present day and to record all those achievements and preserve them for further generations. 2020 Little Rock, AR reunion is now booking for October.

What is the history of Warrington Burtonwood?

Subjects include the opening on RAF Burtonwood on 1 April 1940, 75th Anniversary of VE-Day and activities at Burtonwood, the YB-40 Gunship, Chapelford Medical Centre and Burtonwood Photos, our special Burtonwood Remembered seat at the new Warrington West railway station and much more.

What was the purpose of RAF Burtonwood?

RAF Burtonwood was an expansion programme airfield. It was constructed as an aircraft storage and repair depot. What were the main sites? There were 5 main sites on the airfield :

What was the 8th Air Force Service Command at Burtonwood?

Group 8th Air Force Service Command. The group served at Burtonwood from 1943 to May 1945 & carried cargo and passengers within Great Britain. In February 1945 the group assumed additional missions of ferrying all types of