When did Laura Pausini get married?

When did Laura Pausini get married?

1995Alfredo Cerruti
March 22, 2005Paolo Carta
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Where is Laura Pausini from?

Faenza, Italy
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What languages does Laura Pausini speak?

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How tall is Laura Pausini?

5′ 7″
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When was Laura Pausini born?

May 16, 1974 (age 47 years)
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Laura Pausini was born on May 16, 1974 in Faenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

What ethnicity is Laura Pausini?

Laura Pausini, omri (Italian pronunciation: [pauˈziːni]; born 16 May 1974) is an Italian pop singer-songwriter. She sings both in Italian and Spanish, but also in Portuguese, English, French, Catalan and Latin.

How many albums has Laura Pausini released?

The discography of Laura Pausini, an Italian pop singer, consists of thirteen studio albums, two compilation albums, respectively released for the Hispanic and Anglophone markets only, two international greatest hits album, three live albums and five video albums, including the live DVD Amiche per l’Abruzzo,…

What is Laura Pausini’s real name?

Laura Pausini, omri (Italian: [ˈlaura pauˈziːni]; born 16 May 1974) is an Italian pop singer-songwriter, record producer and television personality.

Did Laura Pausini ever have a hit song in Finland?

Laura Pausini) Notes ^ Laura Pausini has never had any singles on the Finnish Top 20 Singles Chart, but she has charted on the Finnish Top 50 Hits (50 Hittiä) Chart that was published by the Finnish Magazine Rumba until December 2007. That chart combined singles sales with radio airplay (like Billboard Hot 100 and Dutch Top 40).

What was the name of Pausini’s new song?

On September 9, 2013, Pausini released a new single named ” Limpido ” (in Spanish, “Limpio”), in order to promote her new album. The song is a duet between Pausini and the Australian singer Kylie Minogue. On the same day, the name of the album was confirmed to be 20 – The Greatest Hits.