Whats it like to live in Bargara?

Whats it like to live in Bargara?

Bargara is a small coastal community which offers the best of both “small” and “regionally-connected”. It hugs the pretty coastline and is a lovely spot for both holidayers and residents, with beautiful safe beaches and a well-developed esplanade and walkways. It is very close to world-famous Mon Repos turtle rookery.

What is the population of Bundaberg 2021?

Bundaberg is a Queensland city located on 385km north of Brisbane. With a population over 93,000, the city is the one of the top 10 most populous cities in Queensland (9th). Bundaberg also ranks 24th biggest city by population in Australia.

Why are there rocks at Bargara?

Just off Bargara Road between Bargara and Bundaberg is a distinctive volcanic outcrop (a remnant of a volcanic cylinder cone) which Matthew Flinders named the ‘Sloping Hummock’. Closer to the Hummock, the fields are derived from basalt (a rock formed from cooling lava).

What is the population of Bundaberg 2020?

The Bundaberg Regional Council Estimated Resident Population for 2020 is 96,364, with a population density of 14.95 persons per square km. The Bundaberg Regional Council area is located in the Wide Bay Burnett Region of south-east Queensland, about 350 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD.

What is bargara known for?

Bargara is an incredibly family friendly destination (and great for the directionally challenged) with just one main street – Bauer Street. Here you’ll find the essentials including Bargara Beach Hotel (the pub), Bargara Beach Takeaway, the Bargara Beach Bakehouse and the Journey café.

What is the population of Bargara?

Bargara, Queensland

Bargara Queensland
Population 7,485 (2016 census)
• Density 805/km2 (2,085/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 4670
Elevation 0–10 m (0–33 ft)

What’s the population of Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Queensland
Population 54,674 (2018) (27th) 52,073 (2016 census)
• Density 586.6/km2 (1,519.4/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 4655
Area 93.2 km2 (36.0 sq mi) (2011 urban)

How did Bargara get its name?

The name Bargara is derived from the names of two adjacent localities, Barolin and Woongarra. Sandhills Provisional School opened in 1893 and was renamed Bargara State School in 1921. Between 1912 and 1948, the Woongarra (Pemberton) railway line connected Bargara to Bundaberg.

How was Bargara Beach formed?

Bargara was originally known as Sandhills, an acknowledgement of the unstable coastal sand formations that were the subject of land development in the late 1880s. An early purchaser found that his holiday house alternately had sand drifts banked up against it or denuded foundations.

Are bargara natural rocks?

A Department of Environment and Science spokesman said the coastline between Elliott Heads and Burnett Heads is a naturally rocky section of the coast. “The Bargara Basin was cleared of rocks many years ago to create a swimming area,” he said.

Can you swim at Bargara beach?

Bargara boasts two open surf beaches and two still water swimming areas. Fishing enthusiasts are well catered for at Bargara with an artificial reef guaranteeing good fishing all year round. The Woongarra Marine Park preserves the coastline and offers fishing and snorkeling right on the shore.