What word starts with ASE?

What word starts with ASE?

7-letter words that start with ase

  • aseptic.
  • asexual.
  • asepsis.
  • asepses.
  • asepsia.
  • asenath.
  • aselges.
  • asellia.

Is ASE a Scrabble word?

No, ase is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What words end with ace?

6-letter words that end in ace

  • palace.
  • menace.
  • solace.
  • deface.
  • vivace.
  • efface.
  • enlace.
  • reface.

What words end with ate?

Words That End With ATE

  • bate.
  • cate.
  • date.
  • fate.
  • gate.
  • hate.
  • late.
  • mate.

What is a word that starts with EPI?

9-letter words that start with epi

  • episcopal.
  • epicenter.
  • epileptic.
  • epidermis.
  • epitomize.
  • epistemic.
  • epicurean.
  • epistaxis.

What ase mean?

Ase or ashe (from Yoruba àṣẹ) is a Yoruba philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change. In addition to its sacred characteristics, ase also has important social ramifications, reflected in its translation as “power, authority, command.”

What does the root word ase mean?

Definition & Meaning: Ase Root Word The root word-ase comes from Greek –diastasis meaning ‘Separation’ is used to form the names of various types of enzymes. For instance, the word Amylase is an enzyme that converts starch to sugar because: Amylum: Starch. -Ase: Suffix for Enzyme.

What words end in CE?


  • inconvenience.
  • preponderance.
  • circumference.
  • jurisprudence.
  • noncompliance.
  • overabundance.
  • birefringence.
  • convalescence.

What word ends in AXE?

Words that End in AXE

  • 9 Letter Words. battleaxe 20
  • 8 Letter Words. broadaxe 19
  • 7 Letter Words. pickaxe 24 poleaxe 18
  • 4 Letter Words. saxe 11
  • 3 Letter Words. axe 10 Word Finders.

What words end with ify?

6-letter words that end in ify

  • modify.
  • verify.
  • notify.
  • ratify.
  • purify.
  • typify.
  • codify.
  • pacify.

Is Aye valid Scrabble word?

Aye is valid Scrabble Word.