What Who cares?

What Who cares?

used to stress that something is not importantHe can’t carry a tune, but who cares? He’s having fun and that’s what matters.

What is the Who Cares test?

In every piece of academic, technical or professional writing you produce, apply the “Who Cares?” test. In other words, ask “Who cares” about what I am writing? If the answer is “Nobody!” then DON’T write it!

What so what what now?

Now What? is a reflective model that helps teams evaluate a shared experience or a recent event so that they can identify ways to improve or act. The exercise works on three phases: Understanding the event (What?) Making sense of the facts and implications (So, What?)

What’s a reflective question?

A reflection question is what we call any question that makes a student look back over what or how they have learned. By encouraging students to reflect on their learning, these sorts of questions help students: Consolidate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a lesson or unit.

What is reflective practice?

Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on one’s actions so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.

Why is it important to reflect?

Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning. This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions.