What was wrong with The Singing Detective?

What was wrong with The Singing Detective?

agony of The Singing Detective. It is the agonising, life-destroying skin condition that famously affected Michael Gambon’s character in the acclaimed drama The Singing Detective. And for the two million British sufferers of psoriasis, there is often little hope.

What skin disease did The Singing Detective have?

Dennis Potter’s classic drama serial with music. Pulp thriller writer Philip Marlow is in hospital with the skin complaint psoriasis, tormented by his past and threatened by his future. His memories, his 1930s-style gumshoe fiction and his disease weave him an altered reality.

Who wrote The Singing Detective?

Dennis Potter
The Singing Detective/Writers

The Singing Detective is a BBC television serial drama, written by Dennis Potter, starring Michael Gambon and directed by Jon Amiel.

Is The Singing Detective a musical?

The Singing Detective is a 2003 American musical crime comedy film directed by Keith Gordon and loosely based on the BBC serial of the same name, a work by British writer Dennis Potter.

Who played Dennis Potter?

These two related stories, eventually broadcast in 1996, one set in the present and the other in the far future, both feature Albert Finney as the same principal character. Both series were released on DVD on 6 September 2010.

Who was the nurse in The Singing Detective?

Joanne Whalley
The Singing Detective (TV Mini Series 1986) – Joanne Whalley as Nurse Mills – IMDb.

What movie did Mel Gibson give to Robert Downey?

In fact, Gibson went out of his way to lend Downey a hand during his darkest point. After Downey finally got sober in 2003, he struggled to re-enter the movie business. And it was Gibson who helped get him back to work by casting him in the musical crime comedy The Singing Detective.

What killed Dennis Potter?

Pancreatic cancer
Dennis Potter/Cause of death
His new career began with contributions to BBC1’s regular series The Wednesday Play from 1965, and he continued to work in the medium for the rest of his life, including writing screenplay adaptations for Hollywood studios. Potter died of pancreatic cancer in 1994.

When was Dennis Potter born?

May 17, 1935
Dennis Potter/Date of birth

Who are Robert Downey’s friends?

Going by his previous posts on the social media platforms, Robert Downey Jr shares a close bond with his Marvel friends, especially Chris Evans and Tom Holland.

Is Mel Gibson still friends with Robert Downey?

Downey has been a close friend of Mel Gibson since they starred in Air America.

Did Dennis Potter have psoriasis?

Potter now embarked on work as a television playwright. He had begun to suffer in 1962 from a condition known as psoriatic arthropathy causing arthritis to develop in his joints as well as affecting his skin with psoriasis.