What was the most popular style of music in the 2000s?

What was the most popular style of music in the 2000s?

Hip hop dominated popular music in the early 2000s.

What is the most influential album of the 2000s?

  • 2000. Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
  • 2001. Ryan Adams. Gold.
  • 2002. Beck. Sea Change.
  • 2003. Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Master and Everyone.
  • 2004. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus.
  • 2005. Sufjan Stevens. Illinois.
  • 2006. Peter Bjorn and John. Writer’s Block.
  • 2007. Blonde Redhead. Radiohead.

Who sold the most albums from 2000 to 2010?

On December 8, Nielsen SoundScan – the company that provides statistics for the Billboard charts – released its lists of the best-selling albums and digital songs of the 2000s. Eminem collectively sold more than 32.2 million albums during that time, making him the top-selling artist of the decade.

What was rock music like in the 2000s?

Despite the hip hop dominance rock music was still popular, notably alternative rock, and especially genres such as post-grunge, post-Britpop, nu metal, pop punk, emo, post-hardcore, metalcore, and in some cases indie rock; the early and mid 2000s saw a resurgence in the mainstream popularity of pop rock and power pop.

What are the top 100 Rock Songs of the 2000s?

Top 100 Rock Songs of 2000s by Billboard. 1. How You Remind Me Nickelback. 2. In the End Linkin Park. 3. Kryptonite 3 Doors Down. 4. Blurry Puddle Of Mudd.

What happened to rock bands in the 2000s?

The defining musical event of the 2000s was the explosion of pop rock bands. A number of bands associated with the genre kick-started their careers with chart-topping success. What’s noteworthy is the fact that many bands in this genre had breakthrough debut albums.

What bands came out in the 2000s with post-grunge?

Nickelback (Post Grunge/Alternative Rock) Slipknot (Heavy Metal/Groove Metal/Alternative Metal) Fall Out Boy (Pop Punk/Pop Rock) System of a Down (Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal) Blink-182 (Pop Punk/Punk Rock) Post Grunge in the 2000s. The post-grunge scene, which came into prominence towards the end of the ‘90s, scaled to new heights in the 2000s.

How did rock music evolve during the 2000s?

While pop music ruled the charts, rock music continued to evolve and develop by merging with other genres. The 2000s were defined by the emergence of various pop rock and post-grunge bands. The new millennium has brought us many fascinating acts that blend a variety of genres together to form new sonic experiences.