What was the biggest hit in the 1980s?

What was the biggest hit in the 1980s?

Best ’80s songs, ranked

  1. ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.
  2. ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson.
  3. ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ by Whitney Houston.
  4. ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by NWA.
  5. ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy.
  6. ‘Express Yourself’ by Madonna.
  7. ‘Modern Love’ by David Bowie.
  8. ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.

What music era was the 70s?

Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Disco all carved out their place in the music world in the 1970s. The late 70s also witness the birth of another young music style: hip-hop. Some of the best rock n roll of all time was recorded in the 70s.

What makes 80s music unique?

Music from the ’80s has a particular flavor that is unique. A big part of that is due to the upgraded equipment that bands in the ’80s were able to use compared to those in the ’70s. In the ’80s, the use of synthetic drums, VOX and auto tuning, drone chords, and better amps became more and more popular.

What are the most popular songs of the 80s?

Jack and Diane (1982)

  • Hurts So Good (1982)
  • Pink Houses (1983)
  • Authority Song (1983)
  • Crumblin’ Down’ (1983)
  • What type of music was most popular in 1980’s?

    Popular Music Genres of the 1980’s

  • Pop.
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • New Wave
  • Hair Metal
  • MTV.
  • New Pop Superstars.
  • Old Pop Stars and Their New Solo Careers.
  • One Hit Wonders.
  • Hip Hop&Rap.
  • What are the best 80s rock songs?

    starwarssuperfan added Another One Bites The Dust Queen

  • Livin’ On A Prayer Bon Jovi
  • grrbear added Sweet Child of Mine Sweet Little Band
  • Jump Van Halen
  • starwarssuperfan added Under Pressure David Bowie,Queen
  • Another Brick in the Wall,Part 2 Pink Floyd
  • Chente added Rock You Like a Hurricane Scorpions
  • Photograph Def Leppard
  • What was the music like in the 80s?

    Hard rock and heavy/glam metal.

  • Alternative rock.
  • Other trends.
  • Post-punk.
  • New wave music.
  • Gothic rock.
  • Heavy metal.
  • Synthpop.