What was the Beatles hit single in 1964?

What was the Beatles hit single in 1964?

I Want to Hold Your Hand
On this date in 1964, the Beatles posted their first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” their first entry on the list, rose 3-1 in its just its third week on the chart.

Which Beatles singles are valuable?

Which Beatles collectibles offer the most bang for the buck?

  • SGT.
  • LET IT BE (Apple PXS 1) 1970 $290.
  • BEATLES FOR SALE (Parlophone PCS 3062) 1964 $290.
  • WITH THE BEATLES (Parlophone PCS 3045) 1963 $270.
  • WITH THE BEATLES (Parlophone PMC 1206) 1963 $230.

What was the Beatles number one first hit?

I Want To Hold Your Hand
On January 18, 1964, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” debuted on the Hot 100 Singles Chart at #45. When it hit #1 on Feb. 1, it ended up staying at the top for seven weeks. Here’s a clip of their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show eight days later on February 9, 1964.

What was No 1 in the charts in 1964?

See all the 1964 Number One hits from the UK below and find out who had the longest running number one in the UK singles chart. Click on a Song Title to view full details of any song from the UK 1964 singles chart….UK Number Ones in 1964.

Artist The Four Pennies
Song Title Juliet
Weeks at Number One 1
Date 19-05-1964

How many No. 1 hits did the Beatles have in 1964?

six number-one singles
The Beatles had six number-one singles in 1964. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, one of those number ones, became the number-one single of the year.

How many No 1 hits did The Beatles have in 1964?

What was the first number one hit by the Beatles?

The single was the Beatles’ first number one in some of the United Kingdom charts, second in others, but failed to make an impact in the United States at the time of its initial release. However, a 1963 cover version released by Del Shannon resulted in the song becoming the first Lennon–McCartney tune to enter the American pop chart.

What was the Beatles first number one hit song?

Released: October 1963. Written By: Lennon and McCartney . This is the first Beatles record using four-track equipment, and was written to break into the American market. It was the first Beatles song to hold the number one spot in the US – and stayed at number 1 for seven weeks.

What are the best Beatles songs?


  • ‘Yes It Is’
  • ‘Long,Long,Long’
  • ‘All I’ve Got to Do’
  • ‘Within You Without You’
  • ‘Any Time at All’
  • ‘You Won’t See Me’
  • ‘Sexy Sadie’
  • ‘Dig a Pony’
  • ‘Every Little Thing’
  • What was the first song recorded by the Beatles?

    The Beatles Record First Song – In Spite of All the Danger 1958. The song was written by McCartney and Harrison, and is the only song to credit the two alone. It is believed to have been recorded on Saturday 12 July 1958 [1] (three days before Lennon’s mother’s death). However, that recording date is disputed by the group.