What was the 7th horcrux supposed to be?

What was the 7th horcrux supposed to be?

Nagini. The seventh Horcrux created, and the fifth revealed, Nagini was used as something of an afterthought. Voldemort needed a sixth Horcrux to complete what he thought was the mystical number of soul pieces (seven), and Nagini was handy at the time when he was murdering Bertha Jorkins.

Is Harry the 7th or 8th Horcrux?

One of them is in Voldemort himself. He intended to create 6 horcruxes, with the 7th, most powerful piece being in his own body. But then it got all messed up when Harry became the 7th horcrux and Voldemort’s soul got split up into 8 pieces.

What was going to be Voldemort’s 7th Horcrux?

The memory curse leaves her badly damaged, so Voldemort kills her, sending a piece of his soul into his snake, Nagini, and creating his seventh and final Horcrux. July 1996: Albus Dumbledore destroys Marvolo Gaunt’s ring with Godric Gryffindor’s sword in his headmaster’s office.

Why Voldemort doesn’t know Harry was a Horcrux?

However, he wasn’t aware of the creation of a seventh horcrux, which ended up playing against him. Voldemort wasn’t aware of Harry being a pseudo-horcrux because he didn’t plan it, and Harry didn’t know either until Voldemort “killed” him, but he actually killed the piece of soul kept in him.

Was Harry the 6th or 7th Horcrux?

The attack in the Godrick Hollow happened before he could make another horcrux that is the 7th one. In the attack a part of his soul got attached to Harry’s, so unknown to Voldemort Harry became the 7th horcrux.

Why did Voldemort choose seven Horcruxes?

However, Voldemort planned to create six Horcruxes in the hope that it would make him stronger than just creating one, due to his belief in the power of the number seven. It was stated at one point that Voldemort had already “pushed his soul to the limit” in creating his Horcruxes.

Why did Voldemort only split his soul 7 times?

Voldemort wanted to have his soul splited in 7 parts because he believed that 7 was the most powerful number, the number of perfection. Therefore he created intentionally 6 horcruxes in order to have 7 fragments of his soul: the main one – he himself, plus the other parts – the horcruxes.