What type of bearing is in a lazy Susan?

What type of bearing is in a lazy Susan?

rotary bearing
A lazy susan bearing is a type of rotary bearing. It is like other bearings because it permits rotation between parts, but it is specifically designed to support a high axial load while rotating.

How do you fix a lazy Susan that won’t turn?

In some cases, this can be solved by adjusting lazy Susan cabinet door hinges.

  1. Loosen the bolt.
  2. Move the adjusting rod.
  3. Loosen the screws.
  4. Lift the shelves to finish adjusting the shelf position.
  5. Tightening the screws.
  6. Remove the retaining clip to improve top and bottom clearance 2.
  7. Turn the adjustment wheel.

How thick should lazy susan be?

I generally advise people to leave about 14″ to 18″ for place settings. So if the table is 48″ wide and you are going to use 16″ for place settings, the Lazy Susan can be 16″ in diameter.

What can I replace Lazy Susan with?


  • Corner Drawers: This is definitely your most expensive option, but probably the most ergonomic solution for your corner.
  • Corner Recycle Centre: It sounds crazy, but consider the triple corner recycling centre if you are looking for another option.
  • Super Susan: What is a Super Susan?

How big is a lazy Susan base?

A Lazy Susan 16″ in diameter will require about 2.3 board feet of lumber, 1.8 board feet for the top and 0.5 board feet for the base. The dimensions of the blanks are for the top, 16″ x 16″ x 1″ and for the base, 8″ x 8″ x 1″.

How big is a lazy Susan?

This type of lazy susan comes in diameters ranging from 16 to 32 inches (40.64 cm to 81.28 cm), so it fits most size cabinets. The full round lazy susan is sold in either polymer , wire or wood, with dependent, or independently, rotating shelves.

What is a lazy Susan bearing?

Lazy Susan Bearings Information. Lazy Susan bearings are used in low-speed applications to rotate a tray, cabinet, table, or display unit. One side of the bearing attaches to a base. The other side attaches to the rotating platform. If the base is fixed, Lazy Susan bearings allow the tray, cabinet, table, or display unit to rotate a full 360 degrees.