What time can you board Disney cruise concierge level?

What time can you board Disney cruise concierge level?

The Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral opens at 11:00 a.m. I recommend arriving any time between 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Concierge-level Guests do not get assigned a boarding number, so once you’re checked in and Disney Cruise Line begins welcoming Guests aboard (typically between 11:30 and noon), you will be …

What is Disney concierge service?

The Benefits of Disney Concierge Services The concierge Itinerary Planning Office can help to secure dinner show tickets, arrange dining, and will assist with recreation reservations. They can also help with any other pre-arrival arrangements you may want to make.

Where is the concierge lounge on Disney Wonder?

Deck 10
Disney Concierge Lounge On the Disney Wonder that we sailed, the lounge is located midship on Deck 10, which is almost as high as you can go on the ship. You must use your keycard to get into the lounge, and then there is a front desk with concierge staff, who you quickly get to know over the course of the cruise.

How much does a Disney concierge make?

The typical Disney Parks Concierge salary is $13 per hour. Concierge salaries at Disney Parks can range from $11 – $16 per hour.

How many Concierge rooms are on the Disney Magic?

The furnishings and amenities will be upgraded by the October 2, 2020 sailing. The addition of these 12 staterooms bring the total number of concierge staterooms on the Disney Magic to 44.

Can I do laundry on a Disney Cruise?

Laundry Service on Disney Cruise Line. While there are laundry rooms on each level of the ships (that contain staterooms) where you can do your own laundry, Disney Cruise Line also offers a laundry service for those who do not want to do their own.

Is a Disney Cruise worth it?

Whether or not a Disney cruise is worth it largely depends on your family and budget. First and foremost, cruising on Disney means you really love the Disney films. You don’t have to have a Mickey Mouse tattoo, or have Annual Passes to Disneyland for a Disney cruise to make sense, but it does help if you really enjoy the Walt Disney Company brands.

Can you bring alcohol on Disney Cruise Line?

Disney Cruise Line Alcoholic Beverage Policy states that you are allowed to bring 2 bottles of unopened wine/champagne OR 6- 12 ounce beers. Alcohol must be packed in carry on luggage. You do have the option to bring your unopened wine bottle to the restaurant with you to dinner.

Can you bring water on Disney Cruise?

Yes, you can bring bottled water on Disney Cruise Line (DCL) ships. If the water is stored in plastic bottles, you can place them in your checked luggage. If the bottles are fragile, you’ll need to store them in your carry on bag.