What Tequila does Carrie drink in Homeland?

What Tequila does Carrie drink in Homeland?

Tequila Revolucion Silver
Though she never gets to drink the Tequila Revolucion Silver that Brody orders her at the dive bar in this episode — pesky neo-Nazis! — we can assume Carrie had a few before the pair hightailed it outta there.

Who is the mole in Homeland Season 2?

David Estes
Played by: David Harewood
Season(s): 1, 2
First episode: “Pilot”
Last episode: “The Choice”

Who passed the razor blade in Homeland?

Afsal Hamid

Afsal Hamid
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 2012
Cause of death: Suicide with a razor blade given to him by Nicholas Brody
Nationality: Iraqi

What does Carrie Mathison drink?

What does Carrie Mathison drink? At a coworker’s birthday party, Carrie sips a glass of her signature white wine. We also get some key backstory on her and David during this scene, but we were mostly left wondering how one crashes a CIA birthday party.

Who blew up Langley?

Quite the opposite. At the end of Season 2, an al Qaeda car bomb had just blown up the CIA’s Langley headquarters, killing hundreds. Brody was on the run, having been framed, or so it seemed, for the attack. And Carrie was the only person who believed he was innocent.

Who blew up Walden’s funeral?

But then Brody’s car explodes in front of Walden’s funeral service, killing Estes, Walden’s family and more than 200 others in the process. Carrie pulls a gun on Brody, but after he swears Nazir was behind the whole thing, they make a run for it.

Who is the bad guy in homeland?

Abu Nazir is the main antagonist of the first two seasons of the award winning Showtime thriller series Homeland. He is a cunning and dangerous terrorist mastermind and a high-ranking leader in al-Qaeda.

What is Carrie drinking in Homeland blue bottle?

Carrie Mathison, Homeland What she should drink: Riesling/straight vodka.