What sizes do exterior shutters come in?

What sizes do exterior shutters come in?

Standard vinyl shutters are available in the following heights: 35″, 39″, 43″, 47″, 51″, 55″, 59″, 63″, 67″, 71″. It is generally recommend that you go with the closest height available. If your window height falls right between two standard heights, we recommend rounding up to the next available standard size.

How much do real exterior shutters cost?

Exterior Shutter Costs Installing exterior shutters on a single window costs between $303 and $1,088 or $693 on average. Shutters are $30 to $1,600, depending on their style, material and size.

How tall should shutters be?

In most cases, the height of decorative shutter that is most appropriate is from the top to the bottom of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window and you are installing vinyl shutters, it is important to leave a gap of at least 1/4 inch to allow the vinyl material to expand and contract.

Should shutters be longer or shorter than window?

7) The widths of your shutters do not need to be exactly half the width of your window. Because your shutters are decorative, and will not be opened or closed they do need to be half the width of the window. We recommend a shutter width about 1/3 of the window.

How long do exterior wood shutters last?

These shutters can last up to 20 to 30 years (or another 30 years if stripped and recoated!), for an affordable price, with little maintenance.

How far should shutters be from window?

Is it OK to put shutters on the back of the house?

Whether it’s high winds or flying debris, functional shutters act as a shield for your windows and help keep everything inside safe. Windows at the back of a home are just as vulnerable to weather damage as those in the front; therefore, shutters can provide the same benefits on both sides.

Is Cedar good for shutters?

Cedar is the most common material for construction of exterior shutters because of its resistance to both insects and decay. It is a straight wood that finishes very well and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions well.

What type of shutters are best for exterior windows?

EXTERIOR SHUTTERS Exterior Shutters are the best for dressing up your outdoor windows and adding curb appeal for your home renovation project. Choose from our wide selection of exterior vinyl shutters, wood composite shutters and fiberglass shutters for your home improvement needs.

What are the different types of shutters at Lowe’s?

There are shutters suit any budget, as well as different size options to fit most windows. Lowe’s stocks board and batten, louvered and raised panel models in wood, PVC, composite or vinyl. Vinyl is a popular choice for exterior shutters because the material resists fading, rot, cracking and peeling.

What kind of wood are shutters made of?

ShutterLand solid wood shutters are constructed from three highly respected species intended for exterior use and exposure. Red Grandis, Cedar and Mahogany all have the natural stability essential for outdoor applications. The composition of each is slightly different, but all three have proven to deliver years of reliable service.

What kind of shutters do placercraft make?

Functional Movable Louver Shutter. Authentic exterior wood shutters for your house. Custom exterior shutter styles available. PlacerCraft Custom Wood Shutters include our low priced Southern Yellow Pine Shutters along with higher quality woods like Western Red Cedar, California Redwood Shutters, Sapele Mahogany.