What size bobbin does the singer Quantum 9960 use?

What size bobbin does the singer Quantum 9960 use?

The latest video from Singer about the Quantum Stylist 9960 also tells you to use the plain 15. I double checked with customer service and was told once again (March 5, 2017) that the class 15 is the correct bobbin for the 9960.

What type of bobbin does Singer 9960 use?

When setting up and threading the sewing machine, the Singer 9960 has a Drop-in bobbin for quick rethreading of your machine. This machine uses bobbin class 15.

Is the Singer Quantum 9960 Good for quilting?

This Singer 9960 sewing machine is great for quilting as it’s designed to go through high loft batting. There are many built-in decorative stitches which are useful for quilting. You can elongate the stitch if you want to do varying sizes of scrolls or ivy along your quilt.

What size is a Class 15 bobbin?

approximately 20.3 mm
The Class 15 (A Style) Bobbin: The Class 15 is about the size of an American nickel. Its diameter measures approximately 20.3 mm and has a width of approximately 11.7 mm. This bobbin has two flat sides and is available in both plastic and metal.

What replaced the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960?

Singer 8060 with no LCD dial under the top cover. After the debut of the Singer QS 9960, Singer offered another new machine, the Singer 9970.

What size needle should I use for machine applique?

Machine Set-Up Install a new size 60/8, 70/10, 75/11 or 80/12 sharp embroidery needle in your machine.

Is the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 low shank?

The Singer model 9960 is a Low Shank sewing machine and therefore is compatible with the Singer Non-Stick Foot Snap-On Presser Foot for Low-Shank Sewing Machines.

Can a 9960 Singer sew denim?

Yes. The Singer Quantum Stylist model 9960 sewing machine is a Home sewing machine and is capable of sewing denim/jeans and multiple layers with the proper machine settings and needle. We recommend using an Inspira or Singer brand denim needle type 2026 (using another brand can cause tension and/or timing issues).