What should you do when releasing the tension on a binder?

What should you do when releasing the tension on a binder?

Use an open hand (do not grip the binder handle) when releasing a load binder. Keep your body out of the way and push the lever open. Be especially careful when you are releasing the tension, as the handle can snap back quickly.

How does a lever binder work?

A lever binder, or lever chain binder, is the easiest to unbind quickly to unload your cargo. The lever binder has a lever and tension hook on each end, and the lever can increase the force when applying to a tie-down. With added tension, this can make it harder to tighten because it requires more strength.

What are binders in trucking?

The binders used by truckers are known both as chain and load binders. They are used as chain tensioners to secure cargo to flatbed trailers prior to transport. Whenever chains are used for securing a load, tensioning them with a binder is required.

What is a load binder?

Also known as a load binder, chain binders are tools used to tighten chain when securing a load for transport. There are two basic styles of chain binders – lever binders and ratchet binders. The method of tightening the binder is what differentiates the two.

What is a lever binder?

A lever binder is a heavy-duty steel tensioning mechanism. It’s a way of increasing the tension in a G70 chain the precise amount you need in order to secure the haul. When it’s time to unload the cargo, the lever binder is also used to decrease the tension and loosen the chain.

What are load binders?

Also called a load binder, chain binders are a device to tighten chain when securing a load for transport. Uses a ratcheting action to create tension in the chain. Also called a ratchet load binder or simply a ratchet chain, it consists of two tension hooks on each end and handle.

Are lever load binders legal?

When tie-down chains are used, ratchet load binders are the only approved style of load binders. We do not permit lever type load binders due to their inherent safety hazards.

How do you use a load binder correctly?

Always position the load binder so the handle goes downward when securing or tightening the load. A load binder should be operated only by hand from a firm standing position. Do not operate load binder while anyone is on the load. Do not use a cheater bar or handle extension.

What are the federal motor carrier safety regulations for load binders?

Particular attention is called to the following sections of D.O.T. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: You should never exceed the working load limit shown on the binder. Hand effort will tighten binder to working load limit. Always inspect the load binder before use.

What should I do if my binders or chains are damaged?

Inspect binders, chains, synthetic web- bing, and straps, for cuts, tears, and obvious damage. If in doubt, take the equipment out of service and replace it.

How do you Keep Your binders from falling off?

Make sure everyone is clear. Lever binder handle can snap back over center. Use open palm under handle and push up. Always tighten binders before moving and frequently recheck and re-tighten. Load binder’s should be inspected prior to each use for damage, distortion, cracks, nicks, or wear.