What replaced Earobics?

What replaced Earobics?

Popular alternatives to Earobics from Bridges, include Simon Sounds it Out and Wordmaker. If you’re looking to literacy Curricula and resources that include phonemic awareness training try Start-to-Finish Core Curriculum and the Meville to Weville Don Johnston Package.

What is Earobics program?

Earobics® is interactive software that provides students in pre-K through third grade with individual, systematic instruction in early literacy skills as students interact with animated characters. Earobics® Connections is for second and third graders and older struggling readers.

How much does Earobics cost?

Currently, Earobics® Foundations and Earobics® Connections are available for either home use for $59 per user or a “clinic” version that accommodates up to 12 users for $299.

Does Fast ForWord really work?

“Students who used the Fast ForWord Language product achieved statistically significant improvements in language and reading skills – improvements comparable to receiving 50 hours of one-on-one intervention with a certified and licensed speech and language therapist.”

What is Fast ForWord program?

What is Fast ForWord? Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, adaptive reading and language program that delivers 1-2 years gain in 40-60 hours of use for any struggling learner.

What are sound partners?

Sound Partners is a research-based tutoring program that provides individual instruction in early reading skills. Sound Partners benefits students in grades K–2 who are learning to read and provides intervention for students in grades 2–3.

Is Fast ForWord evidence based?

There is no evidence from the analysis carried out that Fast ForWord is effective as a treatment for children’s oral language or reading difficulties.

What is Fast Forward for students?

How many lessons are in sound partners?

The program consists of a set of 70 scripted lessons (with 7-8 activities per lesson) with matched decodable texts that are used during 30-min tutoring sessions (typically provided 4 days a week, for about 20 weeks).

What is Stepping Stones to Literacy?

Stepping Stones to Literacy (SSL) is a supplemental curriculum designed to promote listening, print conventions, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and serial processing/rapid naming (quickly naming familiar visual symbols and stimuli, such as letters or colors).

How much does fastforward cost?

Out of all the courses available for CPA prep, Fast Forward Academy is one of the most affordable. For the price of $1,749, you can have access to all of Fast Forwards online course.

How much does Fast ForWord cost?

A single license for Fast ForWord® Language costs $999, with discounts available for multiple licenses. Each license for Fast ForWord® to Reading costs $554, with no quantity discount. Cost information for Fast ForWord® to Literacy is available from the developer.

How many levels are in Earobics Step 2?

Earobics Step 2 features five interactive games with 593 levels that teach the essential skills required for learning how to read and spell. Recommended for ages 7-11.

How many levels are in Sixsix Earobics?

Six fun interactive games with 309 levels deliver extensive training and practice. The software automatically adjusts to the appropriate skill level of the user. Earobics uses adaptive training and acoustically modified speech. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

What is Earobics in the classroom?

While there has been some research on Earobics, it has occurred in a school setting, where the supplemental materials — music, audio cassettes, picture/word cards, letter-sound decks, and leveled reader books for reading independently or in groups — are used by trained teachers in conjunction with the software CD.

What age is earearobics suitable for?

Earobics uses adaptive training and acoustically modified speech. Recommended for ages 4 to 7. Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings. Login now Have a question?