What records do I need to keep for homeschooling in Colorado?

What records do I need to keep for homeschooling in Colorado?

The records must include, but are not limited to, attendance, test and evaluation results, and immunization records as required by C.R.S sections 25-4-901, 25-4-902, and 25-4-903.

Is Abeka Academy accredited?

Abeka Academy is an accredited, comprehensive virtual distance-learning program for kindergarten through grade 12. This academically challenging, college preparatory education features high quality video instruction and uses Christian character building textbooks from Abeka.

Can a single mom homeschool?

Yes, Single Parents Can Homeschool While our numbers may not be as large, single-parent homeschool families do exist, and our numbers are increasing. I had two sets of kids from two separate relationships. My older kids, who are adults now, were public school students when I was with their father.

Is there a tax write off for homeschooling?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are no federal tax credits or deductions that apply specifically to homeschoolers. Only a few states offer tax breaks for homeschooling families.

Is abeka expensive?

For a full school year with Abeka Academy, your cost would be $826. That’s only $109.15 more than if you were doing the teaching yourself. PLUS, there’s an easy payment plan available. (For tuition and books, your cost after down payment could be as low as $101 for 6 months.)

Are there co-ops for homeschoolers in Colorado?

Homeschool classes and co-ops are a great way to spend time with other homeschoolers and skill-share with other homeschool parents. Our listing of Colorado co-ops and academic classes for homeschoolers is ordered alphabetically by city, with co-ops in the first section and all other academic resources below.

What is the Christian homeschool community?

STEM oriented, fun and educational enrichmnet classes, clubs and field trips, and Spring and Summer Camps. [Read more…] This is a community of Christian homeschool families who meet weekly to encourage one another, to grow in the classical model of education, and to share in Christ-centered fellowship.

What is Mountain Vista Home School Academy?

Mountain Vista Home School Academy, MVHSA, is a one-day per week enrichment program that is FREE for home schooling families in the Pikes Peak region. Children in grades K-12 attend classes with ot… [Read more…]