What pass is between Helena and Missoula?

What pass is between Helena and Missoula?

MacDonald Pass
MacDonald Pass and U.S. Route 12 remains the shortest east-west highway link between Helena and communities on Interstate 90 from Anaconda to Missoula and points west.

What is the Pass to Helena?

MacDonald Pass is located just west of Helena, on the Continental Divide. The pass covers an 11-mile stretch of U.S.-12 between Garrison and Helena. This road dates back to the 1860s, when the Montana Territory was established and toll roads were created to help the territory fund the new roads.

What is the elevation of Helena MT?


Helena, city and capital of Montana, U.S., seat (1867) of Lewis and Clark county. The city is situated near the Missouri River, at the eastern foot of the Continental Divide (elevation 3,955 feet [1,205 metres]), in Prickly Pear Valley, a fertile region surrounded by rolling hills and lofty mountains.

What is the deadliest highway in Montana?

Highway 93 stretches from the Canadian border straight through Missoula, and it certainly doesn’t seem scary. But between the 3,000 annual wildlife related crashes reported every year and the motorists who drive entirely too fast, it’s one of our state’s deadliest highways.

How high is Macdonald Pass?

MacDonald Pass/Elevation

What state is Rogers Pass in?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the Lower 48 is at Rogers Pass, Montana.

Is it harder to breathe in Montana?

Most people visit southwest Montana from lower elevations. While the breathtaking views are a primary reason people visit the Rockies, the altitude can also take your breath away: Oxygen levels decrease as elevation increases.

What is the population of Helena Montana 2021?

The current population of Helena, Montana is 34,256 based on our projections of the latest US Census estimates.

Why are the roads in Montana Red?

“The aggregate used in the chip seal looks to have a high concentration of scoria rock in it which gives it the red color. Crews then came back in and milled the centerline for the rumble strips. Once the rumble strips are milled, they’ll go over the top with a sealer. That’s the dark black.

Why are Montana roads so bad?

With a record 22.6 car accident deaths per 100,000 people, Montana’s roads and highways are some of the most deadly in the entire country. The biggest reasons why are due to low seat belt use, only 74% compared to the national average of 87%, and a culture of drinking and driving.

How long is Rogers Pass MT?

100 miles
Rogers Pass is more than 100 miles (160 km) south of Marias Pass, and there are no other roads that cross the Continental Divide between these two passes….Rogers Pass (Montana)

Rogers Pass
Traversed by MT 200
Location Lewis and Clark County, Montana, United States
Range Rocky Mountains
Coordinates 47°04′35″N 112°22′11″W