What music videos was Galen Hooks in?

What music videos was Galen Hooks in?


Job Description Role
Ne-Yo “One in a Million” music video Actress
Janet Jackson “So Excited”, “Rock With You” music videos Dancer
Usher “Hey Daddy” music video Choreographer
United States of Tara “Princess Valhalla” viral video Choreographer

How old is Galen hook?

36 years (November 19, 1985)
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Where is Galen Hooks from?

Los Angeles, CA
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Where did Galen Hooks go to college?

Penn State University
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Who is Stevie Dore?

Stevie Dore is lead dancer of the Ever After High music video. She acts as the senior mentor of the new Royal and Rebel students who are joining.

Are Galen Hooks native?

Galen Hooks is an LA native who has been in the entertainment industry for two decades. Her versatility and experience have rendered her one of the most respected and sought after performers in the business.

What nationality is Sean Lew?

A native of Los Angeles, Sean, who is of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian descent, started dancing when he was able to walk. Inspired by his two older sisters Sarah and Sirris, Sean took his first dance classes when he was four and started competing at the age of five.

How old is Sean Lewis dancer?

Sean Lew
Age 20
Birthdate November 25, 2001
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California

Who is Galen Hooks?

Galen Hooks is an LA native who has been in the entertainment industry since she was 7 years old. The ultimate multi-hyphenate (dancer-choreographer-creative director-producer-singer/songwriter-actress-host), she is a chameleon who defies genre and can seamlessly shift between roles both in front of and behind the camera.

How many music videos did Ne-Yo make for his album?

Originally a short movie was to accompany the album, but such proved not to be viable given time and monetary constraints, so Ne-Yo chose to develop a series of six extended music videos instead.

What is Galen Galen doing now?

Galen continues to unite thousands of dancers from all over the world at her events “Night of Dance” and “Freestyle Roulette.” Her groundbreaking FREESTYLE ROULETTE event was a first-of-its-kind event bringing together dancers of all backgrounds, ages, dance styles and abilities.

What inspired Ne-Yo to make his first album?

According to Ne-Yo, the idea for the album emerged from three influences: his desire to do something different instead of a standard compilation; his interest in science fiction, comic books and Japanese animation; and inspiration from the works of Michael Jackson, particularly Thriller, Moonwalker, and Bad.