What movie is Oingo Boingo in?

What movie is Oingo Boingo in?

Oingo Boingo is known for his work on Donnie Darko (2001), Weird Science (1985) and Ghostbusters II…

What movie is Oingo Boingo Dead Man’s Party?

Back to School
Dead Man’s Party/Movie

Is Danny Elfman married?

Bridget Fondam. 2003
Danny Elfman/Spouse

He has two daughters, Lola and Mali, from his marriage to Geri Eisenmenger. Mali is a film producer and actress. Elfman and Mali collaborated on her 2011 film Do Not Disturb. On November 29, 2003, Elfman married actress Bridget Fonda.

What band was Danny Elfman in?

Oingo Boingo1979 – 1995
The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo1972 – 1979
Danny Elfman/Music groups
Danny Elfman’s place in history is secured many times over. He was frontman of the ska/new wave band Oingo Boingo in the 1980s – the theme tune to Weird Science remains an absolute banger – and is about to release his first solo album in 37 years, Big Mess, a full-on rock album recorded in lockdown.

Is Oingo Boingo still together?

Oingo Boingo (/ˈɔɪŋɡoʊ ˈbɔɪŋɡoʊ/) was an American new wave band formed by songwriter Danny Elfman in 1979. The band retired after a farewell concert on Halloween 1995, for which they reverted to the name Oingo Boingo and readopted the horn section.

Why did they change Oingo Boingo?

Due to copyright laws, Oingo and Boingo were renamed Zenyatta and Mondatta respectively in the VIZ translation, after The Police album of the same name. In the anime, however, they are still referred to by their Japanese names on Tohth’s cover. Their original names were later used in VIZ’s English JoJonium release.

Why did Oingo Boingo break up?

Elfman used the 1984 hiatus as an opportunity to release a solo album, co-produced with Steve Bartek, with the remaining members of Oingo Boingo returning as session musicians.

What was the name of the band Danny Elfman was in before he started composing for movies?

Mystic Knights of Oingo-Boingo
It wasn’t until the early 1970s that Danny and his older brother Richard Elfman started a musical troupe while in Paris; the group “Mystic Knights of Oingo-Boingo” was created for Richard’s directorial debut, Forbidden Zone (1980) (now considered a cult classic by Elfman fans).

Where is Danny Elfman?

In fact, Elfman lives “somewhere north of Los Angeles” with his wife, actor Bridget Fonda, and their teenage son, Oliver.