What material is RCP?

What material is RCP?

Reinforced concrete pipe, or RCP, is one of the standard materials used in storm sewer systems, sanitation systems, and large irrigation projects.

What is Mini-Z scale?

Mini-Z is a brand name for a popular line of 1:28-scale electric radio-controlled cars manufactured by Kyosho Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of various radio-controlled devices. Kyosho makes a huge number of bodies for the Mini-Z. The wheelbase is nominally 94mm but can range from 86mm to 106mm.

What is Mini Z Racing?

Mini-Z Sports brings the fun of R/C racing indoors with a complete set that includes pre-assembled chassis, ultra-realistic body and transmitter. With more than 1,500,000 cars sold, the 1:27-scale palm-sized racing dynamo delivers performance way beyond any expectation in more than 40 countries across the globe.

How big are mini-Z RC cars?

What are Mini-Z cars? Kyosho Mini-Z are a range of micro (1:27th scale!) remote control cars from Japanese model car company Kyosho. To give you a sense of the size they are around 16cm long and 7cm wide.

What is Mini Z backscatter technology?

Using AS&E’s signature Z Backscatter technology, the MINI Z produces a real-time image of the scan target, highlighting organic materials that transmission X-ray systems can miss, such as explosives, currency, and drugs.

What is Mini Z system for on-the-go detection?

MINI Z System for On-the-Go Detection Z Backscatter technology in the palm of your hands •Uses the same technology that made the ZBV®

What size track do I need for my car?

With a standard two tile width track, the lane width from inside to inside rail is 19″ *RCP Tracks can be used with most 1/28, 1/27 & 1/24 Mini Cars such as Kyosho Mini Z, PN Racing, GL-Racing, Atomic RC, WLToys, Losi and others. Please use caution when using larger scale vehicles 1/18, 1/16 & 1/10 scale electric on-road and off-road cars.

What size RC track do I Need?

Some of the top RC manufacturers like Kyosho and PN Racing use RCP Tracks for regional and championship racing events such as PNWC. Keep it simple and start with a 50CM Wide L Track.