What kind of students does Upenn look for?

What kind of students does Upenn look for?

We want our campus to reflect the world around us, so we enroll students who come from all corners of the world and a wide range of backgrounds. We look for students who aspire to develop and refine their talents and abilities within Penn’s liberal arts-based, practical, and interdisciplinary learning environment.

What type of people go to UPenn?

Penn is a great school for students who have a true desire to learn and are passionate about their academic interests. Even though there are four distinct undergraduate schools, the interdisciplinary focus encourages you to take courses in many different fields and broaden your horizons.

Is UPenn in a safe area?

Generally, the campus itself is extremely safe. It is patrolled by the University police department, which is not just a security force, as well as Philadelphia police. Drexel University’s campus is immediately to the north of the Penn campus and covers several blocks.

Where do UPenn students hang out?

Penn students live right in the middle of University City, a neighborhood with its own stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. Less than a mile away is Rittenhouse Square, a fashionable area with dozens of places to eat, shop, and hang out.

What is the safest neighborhood in Philadelphia?

The 10 Safest Neighborhoods To Live In Philadelphia For 2020Bustleton. Source: Flickr User Violette79 | CC BY 2.0. Overall SnackAbility. Chestnut Hill. Source: Public domain. Somerton. Source: Public domain. Fox Chase. BESbswy. Academy Gardens. BESbswy. Rhawnhurst. BESbswy. Torresdale. BESbswy. Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista. BESbswy.