What kind of engine does a long 445 have?

What kind of engine does a long 445 have?

The Long 445 is a 2WD or 4WD (445DT) utility tractor manufactured by UTB/Universal in Brasov, Romania for distributor Long in Brasov, Romania from 1972 to 1976. The Long 445 is equipped with a 2.3 L (142.8 cu·in) three-cylinder diesel engine and a transmission with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The Long 445 utility tractor used the Uzina engine.

What kind of clutch does a John Deere 445 have?

A 10 inch, two stage, organic plate clutch gave the 445 a live PTO; depressing the clutch pedal halfway stopped forward motion of the tractor, but left the PTO fully engaged to clear slugs in the driven machine. Depressing the pedal the rest of the way stopped the PTO, also.

What kind of transmission does a Ford 445 have?

The same transmission as the 350 was incorporated in the 445; 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds reverse were provided on one dual range shifter. Synchromesh shifting was provided between 6th & 5th gears in high range, and 3rd and 2nd in low range.

What is the difference between a 445 and a 350?

A higher horsepower, better equipped model than the 350 was the Long 445, corresponding with the Universal 445. At a different delivery setting on the CAV fuel injection pump, the 445’s Uzina D115, 3 cylinder, 4 main bearing crankshaft, direct injection Diesel delivered 41.9 PTO horsepower at 2400 RPM.

What is the difference between a Pontiac long 350 and 445?

Speaking of grilles, the sheet metal styling of the Long 445 was the same as the Long 350, other than the fenders, which will be described further below. Access to the engine was provided through a side opening hood, which was secured by two over center locking, chrome handled latches.

What is the rear track adjustment on a John Deere 445?

Rear track adjustment was from 47¼ to 74 13/16 inches. Power adjustable rear wheels were an available option. Also optional, was turf tire equipment for the 445; 7.50×16 front and fat 18.4x16A rear turf tires, made the 445 a very practical golf course tractor.