What is TTT 2?

What is TTT 2?

Totally T-Type 2 (TTT 2) is a free bi-monthly technical publication compiled for MG T-Series owners by John James, the creator and original editor of the MG Car Club T Register publication, Totally T-Type. TTT 2 is available to read in a choice of two formats.

Do I need to download TTT2 to support other addons?

You must download the ” [TTT2] Trouble in Terrorist Town 2 (Advanced Update)” addon to support the other addons. This is still a beta version. The documentation is available here [docs.ttt2.neoxult.de].

How to edit the keys in TTT2?

To edit the keys simply use the TTT2 F1 menu and press on “BINDINGS”. With “ULX” server-… This small addon adds a glow effect to players in your team. This helps to prevent RDM and keeping the overview in large groups. Have fun! For bugs / ideas use the forum or comments. This is fully compatible with [ url=https://steamcommunity.com/sh

Is TTT2 compatible with TTT HUD system?

Because of this, compatibility is one of the highest priorities. Almost every item that works with TTT also works well with TTT2. There are a few minor exceptions though. Addons that modify the hud, eg. Octagonal HUD, will not work with TTT2. If you plan on creating a new HUD for TTT2, you have to use the way more powerful hud system from TTT2.