What is the water temperature in the Elizabeth River?

What is the water temperature in the Elizabeth River?

Water temperature in Norfolk today is 50.7°F. The swimming season in Norfolk lasts from June to October.

What is a nice sea temperature?

Today’s Nice sea temperature is 61 °F.

What temperature is the ocean now?

Today’s Ocean Beach sea temperature is 54 °F.

What is the highest sea temperature?

The Indian Ocean has the warmest temperatures of the world’s oceans….This ocean’s surface temperatures range from about 28 degrees Fahrenheit to above 84 (-2 to 29).

  • Size: about 41,100,000 square miles.
  • Depth: about 10,925 feet deep, on average.
  • Volume: 74,471,500 cubic miles.

What is the Chesapeake Bay water temperature?

Chesapeake Bay is a city close to atlantic ocean. mild temperate climate with hot summer would be the climate here. August is the month with the highest water temperature at 80.6°F / 27°C….Chesapeake Bay Summary.

Description Value
Current water temperature /
Warmest Month Air Temperature: July with 77.9°F / 25.5°C

What is the water temperature in Ocean View Norfolk?

In general, the swimming season ends in October. Average annual water temperature on the coast in Ocean View is 63°F, by the seasons: in winter 49°F, in spring 57°F, in summer 77°F, in autumn 68°F….Neighboring cities and resorts.

Norfolk 73°C 12km
Gloucester Point 74°C 43km

Where has the warmest sea temperature?

The hottest ocean area is in the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures at the surface exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Another hot area exists in the Red Sea, where a temperature of 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded at a depth of about 6,500 feet.

Is the sea colder in the morning?

It is usually falling air temperature, rather than falling sea temperature, that brings an end to sea swimming for the year. For the same reason, the sea tends to feel warmer later in the day than it does in the early morning (when the sun or air temperature has had less time to warm it up).

How cold is the Atlantic ocean in April?

Average water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean

Arctic Tropics
°C °F
April -1.4 81.6
May -1.4 82.5
June -1.2 83