What is the turnover of Camlin?

What is the turnover of Camlin?

Profit & Loss – Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Rs (in Crores)

Mar’21 Mar’19
12Months 12Months
Sales Turnover 403.12 688.77
Excise Duty .00 .00

Is Camlin Indian brand?

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd., formerly known as “Camlin Ltd.”, is an Indian Multinational stationery manufacturing company based in Mumbai.

Who is the owner of Camlin?

Kokuyo Camlin/Parent organizations

Is Camel and Camlin same brand?

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd owns brands that are very well-known, old and established brands in India: Camel and Camlin.

Who is the founder of Doms?

Santosh’s father Rasiklal Raveshia, partner Mansukhlal Rajani and their younger brothers Harshad Raveshia and Suresh Rajani, laid the foundation of RR Group ‘DOMS’ in 1974. Formerly known as Writefine Products, Doms started off as an OEM (contract) manufacturer to Camlin and other renowned stationery brands of India.

What is the business of Kokuyo Camlin?

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Camlin is engaged in manufacturing of stationary products and art materials. Incorporated in 1946, it offers a range of products, such as artist materials, hobby colours, scholastic colours, scholastic stationery products, office products and writing instruments.

Did Kokuyo buy Camlin?

Japanese firm to retain Camlin, Camel brands. India’s favourite stationary and art brand is set for a strategic makeover.

Is Camlin a good company?

Company is very good. Job security is full but workplace culture is not very good.

What is Kokuyo Camlin?

Is doms an Indian company?

Established in 1999 , DOMS India Pvt. Ltd. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of packaging pouches ,pencils in India. The supplier company is located in Umbergaon, Gujarat and is one of the leading sellers of listed products. DOMS India Pvt.

Who is the owner of DOMS pencils?

What happened to Camlin company?

In May 2012, Japanese stationery major, “Kokuyo Co. Ltd”, acquired a 50.74% stake in Camlin, the leading Indian manufacturer by then. Kokuyo paid ₹ 366 crore for the acquisition. Dilip Dandekar continued as chairman and managing director of the company.

What is Camlin group?

Camlin Group | Optimising infrastructures by providing energy… At Camlin we provide innovative and intelligent monitoring products and services that help make electricity and rail networks safer, more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

Is Camlin A good brand to invest in?

While the Dandekar promoters have created Camlin into a well-known and reputed brand, the operational side of the story has not been very pleasing. While sales have shown consistent growth for the past 10 years (CAGR 10%), profit margins have been fluctuating a lot and have been flat for 10 years.

What is the dividend policy of Camlin Fine Sciences?

The current year dividend for Camlin Fine Sciences is Rs 0 and the yield is 0 %. Camlin, the corporate group, was established in 1931 and is a pioneer in art and stationery material in India. Camlin diversified into Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals two decades ago.