What is the top speed of a Honda nc750x?

What is the top speed of a Honda nc750x?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 50 ft-lb
Top speed 125 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 210 miles

Is the nc700x an adventure bike?

No, it is not. Because it has a bit low ground clearance (I hit the bottom a couple times). And it’s much harder, tiresome, more muscle pain… than “real” Dual sport bikes.

What does NC stand for in Honda?

The bike’s NC moniker stands for New Concept, and its torque-laden parallel-twin engine borrows from Honda’s automotive technology, with a long-stroke design leading to a low rev ceiling and excellent fuel efficiency. DESIGN.

Is Honda NC750X a good bike?

Sport-touring on the 2021 Honda NC750X is pure pleasure. It’s happy to have you kicking back and enjoying the scenery, and it takes care of you when you’re looking to make some time. The motor has plenty of beans, and is happy to cruise along all day at 80 mph. The neutral, upright seating position is perfect.

How much does a Honda nc700x cost?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Standard
BASE MSRP(US) $8,299.00 Find Your Local Honda Dealer
Dealers Honda Dealers
Warranty 12

When did the Honda NC750X come out?

The NC750X was introduced to the US for the 2018 Model Year, available in DCT and conventional transmission.

Where is NC750X made?

Still affordable to buy and run – and still made in Japan – the NC750X offers high build quality and the option of Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) six-speed gearbox.

Is the Honda NC700X a good bike?

Judged on engine performance alone, then, the NC700X might seem a bit vanilla; but thanks in large part to its chassis, the Honda is a really fun bike to ride. There is nothing special or high-tech about the frame or suspension, yet the NC offers excellent handling, whether in a straight line or through backroad twisties.

Is the Honda NC700X underrated as a traveling Mount?

I wanted to do a reasonably long tour test of the latest version of Honda’s NC700X, in part because I believe the bike to be underrated as a traveling mount, but also because it’s available with Honda’s automatic dual-clutch transmission.

How agile is the Ford 700X?

So, despite having a longish 60.5-in. wheelbase, the 700X is surprisingly agile. It flicks into corners with a light push or pull on the grips, arcs through on the chosen line without protest, doesn’t drag anything until you’ve reached an impressive lean angle and gives off nary a wiggle along the way.

Does the 2012 Honda NC700X have DCT ABS?

When Honda’s twin-cylinder NC700X debuted in 2012, we gave the DCT ABS model a full review in the November issue, loaded with Honda accessories like a 29-liter saddlebag set, 45-liter top trunk, centerstand, heated grips, light bar and more, boosting its retail price to more than $11,000 from the $8,999 base that year.