What is the synonym and antonym of endure?

What is the synonym and antonym of endure?

endureverb. Synonyms: suffer, experience, undergo, stand, brook, tolerate, submit to, abide, sustain, support, bear, last, abide, continue, remain, persist. Antonyms: succumb, falter, yield, surrender.

What is another synonym for endure?

Some common synonyms of endure are abide, bear, stand, suffer, and tolerate.

What word means endure pain?

Sufferance is a type of patience, especially the patience to endure pain and suffering. When you suffer, you’re in some type of pain, whether physical or emotional. Sufferance is a quality possessed by people who endure such pains patiently and without complaining.

What is the antonym of pain?

Pleasure is the opposite of pain. Pain feels bad, but pleasure feels good.

What is antonym for suffer?

antonyms for suffered

  • please.
  • yield.
  • help.
  • rise.
  • strengthen.
  • fight.
  • reject.
  • relieve.

What word is opposite endure?

What is the opposite of endure?

succumb yield
cede discontinue
falter resign
budge cease
waver stumble

What is the closest antonym for the word enduring?

antonyms for endure

  • disallow.
  • halt.
  • hide.
  • refuse.
  • reject.
  • retreat.
  • run away.
  • stop.

What is the synonym of ache?

pain, dull pain, pang, twinge, throb. gnawing, stabbing, sting, stinging, spasm, muscular spasm, cramp, convulsion. smarting, soreness, tenderness, irritation, discomfort. 2’his absence was a constant nagging ache in her heart’

What can I say instead of pain?


  • agony,
  • anguish,
  • distress,
  • excruciation,
  • hurt,
  • misery,
  • rack,
  • What is the opposite of suffer?

    Opposite of to feel deep sadness, distress or anguish. alleviate. assuage. allay. calm.

    What is another word for endure?

    Synonyms for endure. experience, feel, have, know, pass, see, suffer, sustain,

    What are some synonyms for pain?

    Synonyms for pain. ache, pang, prick, shoot, smart, sting, stitch, throe,

    What is the difference between abide and endure?

    While the synonyms abide and endure are close in meaning, abide suggests acceptance without resistance or protest. Where would bear be a reasonable alternative to endure? Although the words bear and endure have much in common, bear usually implies the power to sustain without flinching or breaking. When can stand be used instead of endure?

    What is another word for pain in the knee?

    the child was crying because of a pain in her knee. Synonyms for pain. ache, pang, prick, shoot, smart, sting, stitch,