What is the story of the Pendle witches?

What is the story of the Pendle witches?

Perhaps the most notorious witch trial of the 17th century, the legend of the Pendle witches is one of the many dark tales of imprisonment and execution at Lancaster Castle. Twelve people were accused of witchcraft; one died while held in custody, eleven went to trial.

How do you identify a witch lesson?

Well, as our favourite Halloween book The Witches will tell you, there are six vital signs. . .

  1. They always wear gloves.
  2. They’ll be as ‘bald as a boiled egg’
  3. They’ll have large nose-holes.
  4. Their eyes change colour.
  5. They have no toes.
  6. They have blue spit.

What is a Witchcraze?

The European witch craze of the 14th to 17th centuries was a unique historical combination of accusations against people, especially women, of whom the overwhelming majority were probably completely in- nocent, and the creation of a theological system in which witchcraft be- came a phenomenon of central importance.

What are the names of the Pendle witches?

The Pendle Witches lived during the reigns of Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) and James I (1603 – 1625)….They were:

  • Anne Whittle (“Old Chattox”)
  • Ann Redfearn.
  • Elizabeth Device (“Squinting Lizzie”)
  • Alice Nutter.
  • Alison Device.
  • James Device.
  • Katherine Hewitt.
  • Jane Bulcock.

When did the Pendle witch trials end?

The trials took place from 18-19 August 1612. The accused were denied witnesses to plead their innocence, and in a remarkable turn of events the key witness for the prosecution was Elizabeth Device’s youngest child, nine year old Jennet Device.

Where were Pendle Witches hanged?

On August 20th 1612 ten people convicted of witchcraft at the Summer Assize held in Lancaster Castle went to the gallows on the moors above the town.

Is Pendle Hill safe?

Safety : 4 / 10

Crime level very low to high
Assault – Domestic Violence Related low to high
Steal from Dwelling low to high
Assault – Non-Domestic Violence Related low to medium
Motor Vehicle Theft low to high

How did Pendle Hill get its name?

The name “Pendle Hill” combines the words for hill from three different languages (as does Bredon Hill in Worcestershire). In the 13th century it was called Pennul or Penhul, apparently from the Cumbric pen and Old English hyll, both meaning “hill”.