What is the story behind the song Wavin Flag?

What is the story behind the song Wavin Flag?

“Wavin’ Flag” is a song by Somali-Canadian artist K’naan from his album Troubadour. The song was originally written for Somalia and aspirations of its people for freedom. The song became a truly global hit when it was chosen as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, hosted by South Africa.

How much did K Naan make from Wavin flag?

A star-studded, remixed version of K’naan’s ubiquitous track Wavin’ Flag has raised more than $1 million for victims of the Haitian earthquake.

When I get older the story behind the Wavin flag?

“Wavin’Flag” has become an international anthem. Its powerful words of hope have crossed generations and borders, and have made K’NAAN an international star. When the Somali Civil War began in 1991, K’NAAN was just thirteen. His mother made the difficult decision to move her family so that they could grow up in safety.

What happened K Naan?

The “Wavin’ Flag” singer — who is a dual citizen of Canada and Somalia, currently living in New York City while his family remains in Toronto.

Who sang the song Waving Flag?

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Is K Naan married?

Deqa Warsamem.?–2010

Is K Naan rich?

K’naan Net Worth: K’naan is an Somali rapper, poet and songwriter who has a net worth of $1 million dollars.

What is K Naan real name?

Keinan Abdi Warsame
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K’Naan, byname of Keinan Abdi Warsame, (born 1978, Mogadishu, Somalia), Somali-born Canadian hip-hop musician of the early 21st century whose brightly melodic songs and clever socially conscious lyrics demonstrated international appeal and made him an ambassador for the plight of his homeland.

Where is K Naan from?

Mogadishu, Somalia
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What was K Naans childhood like?

K’naan spent his childhood in Mogadishu. His father, Abdi, left earlier when he was still a boy to work as a taxi driver in New York City. K’naan’s early years were idyllic and enveloped in poetry and song, with his aunt Magool often singing to him.