What is the shortcut for bullet points on Mac?

What is the shortcut for bullet points on Mac?


Action Mac shortcut keys
• Bullet point Alt-8

How do you get a bullet point back on a Mac?

But if you want to go back to the left with your bullets use shift+tab and it will restore your bullets to the left.

How do I insert a bullet without indent?

Click one of the bullets at the level you want to change in the document. Right-click the bullet and select Adjust List Indents in the pop-up menu. In the Adjust List Indents window, change the Bullet position to adjust the bullet indent size or change the Text indent to adjust the text indent size after a bullet.

How do I go back to the main bullet from the sub bullet in Powerpoint?

Shift + Tab with bullet already there.

What is the shortcut key of bold?


Bold Ctrl+B (Command+B for Macs)
Italics Ctrl+I (Command+I for Macs)
Underline Ctrl+U (Command+U for Macs)

How do you make your text bold on the keyboard?

Make the text bold

  1. Move your pointer to the Mini toolbar above your selection and click Bold .
  2. Click Bold in the Font group on the Home tab.
  3. Type the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+B.

How do I change the indent in Word for Mac?

Adjust indents and spacing in Word

  1. Select one or more paragraphs that you want to adjust.
  2. Go to Home and then select the Paragraph dialog box launcher .
  3. Choose the Indents and Spacing tab.
  4. Choose your settings, and then select OK.

How do you move a bulleted list in PowerPoint on a Mac?

Learning these keyboard shortcuts can make the process of organizing information on your documents much easier.

  1. Highlight the Text. Highlight the text of the bullet you need to move.
  2. Control X. Control X on the PC or Command X on the Mac will cut out the text.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Control V.
  5. Tab and Shift Tab.

How do I go back to the main bullet point?

Hold down the “Shift” key and press “Tab” to back up the bullet point by one level. Repeat this process to back it up further.