What is the school system like in Germany?

What is the school system like in Germany?

Although most Germans claim to be against elitism and favoring any social class, their entire educational system is basically a three-class system that divides students into three different tracks: (1) Gymnasium for bright students headed for college, (2) Realschule for the next step down, kids headed for average or …

Is the German school system unfair?

In Germany, there is a demonstrable correlation between the students’ social background and their academic achievements at the end of the school career – as compared to international standards. One factor is the early allocation of students to different types of school.

What are the three types of German schools?

Three levels in the Upper School

  • College Preparatory High School (Gymnasium) Many German children go on to College Preparatory High School (Gymnasium) from fifth through twelfth grade.
  • Technical Academic High School (Realschule)
  • Lower Secondary School (Hauptschule)

What are the school subjects in Germany?

Subjects taught in German primary schools are German language, mathematics, general studies, foreign language, art, handicrafts/textile design, music, sports, and religion/ethics. They also teach intercultural, mint, media, health, musical-aesthetic, sustainable development, and values education.

How good is the German education system?

In fact, precisely because the German school system is so well structured and rigorous, it produces some of the most accomplished students in the world. In a 2015 OECD/PISA study, Germany ranked 16th in mathematics as well as in science, and students attending ranked 11th in reading.

Is German education difficult?

German is an incredibly difficult language to learn, with a very different grammatical structure than English. Many Germans (especially German university students) actually really want to practice their English, but it is a weird thought to have: “Is this person only meeting me to improve their English?”

Why are German schools bad?

Germany’s school system has gotten bad marks yet again. An annual OECD report suggested that Germany spends too little on learning, students get too little instruction and too few people get university degrees. In OECD countries, the number of college and university students increased by an average of 40 percent.

What grade is a 16 year old in Germany?

High school years in Germany vary by which stream or level you choose to study at. Most schools take students until 15 or 16 years of age. The Gymnasium students end at age 18 (grade 13).

What is wrong with German education system?

Frequently criticized are the length and structure of degree courses, the excessive length of studies, the high number of long-term students, and the disturbingly high number of dropouts who leave higher education without graduating.

Is 1.3 a good grade in Germany?

(1.7 to 2.3) – good, seen as a relatively good result (A- to B)…German university grades.

Grade Text Declaration
1.0 sehr gut (very good) pass
1.3 Sehr gut (excellent) – pass
1.7 Gut (good) + pass
2.0 gut (good) pass

What are the cons of studying in Germany?

The pros and cons of going to college in Germany

  • Pro: Free tuition.
  • Con: The airfare.
  • Pro: The views!
  • Con: Learning German can be difficult.
  • Pro: Top quality colleges and programs.
  • Con: Some of the resources are lacking.
  • Pro: You’ll be surrounded by interesting and diverse cultural experiences.

What is the basic structure of the school system in Germany?

1. Problems and particularities of the German school system Basic structure of the school system in Germany – federalism 2. Basic Structure- Feteralism I n Germany one national structure or educational system doesn’t exist! It is part of the constitutional sovereignty of each federal state (Kulturhohheit der Länder).

What is education like for kids in Germany?

For many German kids Education starts in the Kindergarden. This is as a pre-school establishment for children aged between three and six as part of child and youth welfare. Its not obligatory; and strictly speaking not part of the school system. Kindergarden may be either publicly or privately maintained.

What is the lowest school grade in Germany?

Hauptschule (Secondary General School) The lowest track in the German education system is the Hauptschule (General school). It’s starts with 5th grade and goes up through the 9th grade.

How long is a German pre-school lesson?

A lesson lasts 45 minutes. Teachers in Germany All pre-school staff (Grundschule) are trained at upper secondary level. Teachers are trained at universities and colleges of art and music, and pass the first and second (state examination) in usually two subjects and in educational science.