What is the purpose of Artifactory?

What is the purpose of Artifactory?

Artifactory is an intermediary between developers and external resources. As a developer, all of your requests are directed to Artifactory for quick and consistent access to remote artifacts that are cached locally in a remote repository.

What is meant by Artifactory?

Artifactory is a product by JFrog that serves as a binary repository manager. That said very often one will use a ‘artifactory’ as a synonym of the more general binary repository, much like many people use Frigidaire or fridge to denote the refrigerator regardless if it is a Frigidaire brand or not.

What is the use of Artifactory in DevOps?

Overview. JFrog Artifactory is a universal DevOps solution providing end-to-end automation and management of binaries and artifacts through the application delivery process that improves productivity across your development ecosystem.

What kind of tool is Artifactory?

A unique DevOps tool, JFrog Artifactory is a universal artifact repository manager that fully supports software packages created by any language or technology.

Who owns Artifactory?

Based in California, Israel and France and founded by longtime field-experts, JFrog is the creator of Artifactory and Bintray; the company that provided the market with the first Binary Repository solution and software distribution social platform.

Is Artifactory open source?

JFROG ARTIFACTORY OPEN SOURCE FOR ARTIFACT LIFE-CYCLE MANAGEMENT. JFrog’s Artifactory open source project was created to speed up development cycles using binary repositories. It’s the world’s most advanced repository manager, creating a single place for teams to manage all their binary artifacts efficiently.

What is the difference between GitHub and Artifactory?

GitHub and JFrog Artifactory can be primarily classified as “Code Collaboration & Version Control” tools. GitHub has a broader approval, being mentioned in 4714 company stacks & 6100 developers stacks; compared to JFrog Artifactory, which is listed in 16 company stacks and 11 developer stacks.

What is Artifactory in AWS?

JFrog Artifactory is an enterprise artifact repository manager, capable of hosting all of your AWS resources. This Quick Start was developed by JFrog in collaboration with AWS.

What is Jenkins Artifactory?

Artifactory & Jenkins Through a set of plugins, Artifactory provides tight integration with Jenkins. Jenkins uses Artifactory to supply artifacts and resolve dependencies when creating the build, and also as a target to deploy build output to the corresponding local repository.

Who makes Artifactory?

JFrog Artifactory
JFrog Artifactory is just one component of a complete and tightly integrated end-to-end solution for artifact management available through JFrog’s suite of products.

Who uses Artifactory?

Who uses JFrog Artifactory? 69 companies reportedly use JFrog Artifactory in their tech stacks, including deleokorea, Intuit, and Ruangguru.

Who created Artifactory?

Co-Founder & CTO Yoav, Co-Founder and CTO of JFrog, created Artifactory after 7 years as a senior consultant with AlphaCSP. He has held several senior technical roles with Attunity, Verve and Sausage.