What is the price of Jaipur foot?

What is the price of Jaipur foot?

The Jaipur foot costs around 2,500 rupees ($33), whereas traditional prosthetics in the West can cost thousands of dollars.

What is Jaipur foot technology?

Jaipur Foot Technology was a prosthetic limb created by the joint efforts of some renowned orthopaedic surgeons and innovative artisans in 1968, to meet the socio-cultural requirements of the physically disabled. It is a uniquely designed prosthetic termed as a universal design with its key feature being its mobility.

What are advantages of Jaipur foot over other prosthesis?

The Jaipur foot was developed for barefoot amputees by Professor P. K. Sethi. He used local artisans and readily available materials. The prosthesis was cheap and could be made in one hour. It enabled amputees to work in rural conditions, muddy and wet fields and to climb trees.

How can I contact Jaipur foot?

Tel: 044-26693982, 26692813, 26692539.

Who used Jaipur Foot?

It costs approximately $45 to make. The Jaipur foot is commonly used in low-income countries and warzones as a low-cost alternative to conventional prosthetics. It was used during the war in Afghanistan to help treat land mine victims.

Is Jaipur foot waterproof?

The materials used at the foot-end are waterproof and somewhat mimic a real foot. These features help amputees using the foot assimilate more easily in a semi-urban or rural setup in the Indian subcontinent and other developing countries.

Why Jaipur foot is famous?

The Jaipur foot is especially known for helping people in under privileged and downtrodden countries rampaged by war, terrorism and disease. The prosthetic limb has been a game changer in the orthopedic field and is the most widely used prosthetic foot till now. Kasliwal worked on developing artificial limbs.

Who made Jaipur Foot?

Pramod Karan Sethi
When Pramod Karan Sethi joined SMS Hospital in Jaipur in the 1950s and set up Rajasthan’s first orthopaedic department and then its rehabilitation centre, it was the beginning of his journey to making the artificial foot now famous as the Jaipur foot.

Who is Jaipur Foot USA coordinator?

Vibhor Dhadda
USA coordinator of Jaipur Foot, Vibhor Dhadda, Principal of Fort Lee High School Dr.

Who takes prosthetic legs?

The Amputee Coalition provides a list of organizations that accept gently used prosthetic devices and components. Limbs for Life Foundation collects used prosthetics and prosthetic componentry, plus unused socks for liners, as part of the World Limb Bank.

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What is the Jaipur Foot project?

The Jaipur Foot Project was set by the Rotary Club of Nairobi South during the year 1990. An independent Board of Trustees of the Jaipur Foot Trust was registered to manage the project [ More ] The main objective of the project is to help every amputee walk again. Amputees receive artificial limbs completely free of charge.

What is the Stanford-Jaipur Knee?

Introduced the self-lubricating Stanford-Jaipur Knee with a revolutionary new technology, developed by Stanford University working with BMVSS and recognised by Time magazine for the year 2009 as one of the world’s 50 best inventions.