What is the penalty for backswing interference?

What is the penalty for backswing interference?

Backswing interference / follow-through interference When the momentum of a batter’s swing carries the bat around and contacts the catcher or his equipment, this is backswing interference. The ball is dead, and runners, if moving, must return. There is no penalty so long as deemed by umpire to be not intentional.

Should you tuck your right elbow in on a golf swing?

Your right elbow should be consistently tucked throughout the backswing and downswing, because that arm position will help you trace the proper swing path with the club. If you let the right elbow get away from your body early in the swing before trying to recover later on, it will be too late.

What is backswing interference?

NFHS now defines backswing interference as when a batter contacts the catcher or his equipment prior to the time of the pitch (2-21-5). The pitch or swing should not be allowed since the batter’s concentration or rhythm could be affected (NFHS 8.1.

Is batter out on backswing interference?

If a batter strikes at a ball and misses and in the umpire’s judgment unintentionally hits the catcher or the ball in back of the batter on the follow-through or backswing while the batter is still in the batter’s box, it shall be called a strike only (no interference).

Does batter interference count as an at bat?

If the catcher retires the runner who is attempting to steal, batter interference is nullified, if it should occur. The runner is out and the batter remains at bat. If the batter interferes with the catcher on “strike three” and the catcher attempts to throw out a runner, both the batter and the runner are called out.

What is catcher interference?

Definition. The batter is awarded first base if the catcher (or any other fielder) interferes with him at any point during a pitch. When catcher interference occurs, the umpire will allow the play to progress because the outcome of the play may be more desirable than the interference.

What is batter interference?

Any movement that hinders the catcher’s play can constitute batter interference. This is true whether or not the batter remains in the batter’s box. The batter can leave the batter’s box and it is only a violation if he interferes.

Is an error an at bat?

An error does not count as a hit but still counts as an at bat for the batter unless, in the scorer’s judgment, the batter would have reached first base safely but one or more of the additional bases reached was the result of the fielder’s mistake.