What is the opportunity class placement test?

What is the opportunity class placement test?

Test information The 2021 Opportunity Class Placement Test has been designed to allow students to demonstrate their abilities across a range of areas, including reading, mathematical reasoning and thinking skills.

How hard is the OC test?

Christian Burger, 9, said the multiple choice test was “pretty easy but some of the questions were really hard…it was a mixed variety”. Students had an hour to complete 70 English, maths and general ability questions, and Christian said running out of time was one of the most stressful things about the test.

What is a good OC score?

Minimum entry scores vary from school to school and from year to year….The minimum scores for 2021 entry to NSW Opportunity Classes.

School Minimum Entry Score
Chatswood Public School 235
Waitara Public School 233
Neutral Bay Public School 229
Quakers Hill Public School 227

What is an opportunity class in NSW?

Opportunity classes located in government primary schools cater for academically gifted Year 5 and Year 6 students with high potential. These classes help students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, using specialised teaching methods and educational materials at the appropriate level.

Does the OC test have writing?

The OC test covers similar topics to those the Selective School Tests including Reading (25 questions, 30 min), Mathematical reasoning (35 questions, 40 min) and Thinking skills (30 questions, 30 min, replacing General Ability) in three multiple choice sections but has no Writing.

Are OC classes worth it?

It is good to be in an OC class because you have a lot of advantages both inside and outside the classroom. Children have the benefit of harder work. The work is not too hard, but at a level where you won’t get bored.

Is selective harder than OC?

The reality is that entry to both OC and Selective High School classes is via standardized testing that focuses on ability in mathematics, english and general ability (basically an IQ-style test), and that there are fewer places available for entry to OC (~1800) than to Selective High School (4214 places in 2015), so …

How long is the OC test?

Students have 40 minutes to complete the test. The questions are all multiple choice.

Is the OC test online?

Updated on 6 April 2021. The Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Test will be conducted online from 2022, and the Selective Schools Placement Test will go digital from 2022.

How do I prepare for the OC test?

Here are some best strategies for OC test preparation from our experts-

  1. Having Strong Academic Fundamentals.
  2. Doing Practice Tests.
  3. Developing Reading Habits.
  4. Doing Practice Tests.
  5. Opportunity Class Tutoring.

Is OC test Cancelled?

The Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to Wednesday 17 November 2021. Students are offered placement in opportunity classes based on academic merit. a ranking based on primary school assessments in English and mathematics.

Why choose opportunity classes at Sutherland public school?

Sutherland Public School has proudly operated hosted Opportunity Classes since 1963. The program at our school has been carefully developed by dedicated staff to provide a stimulating curriculum which emphasizes academic rigou, whilst nurturing the gifted child’s overall social and emotional development.

What is NSW opportunity class placement?

NSW Opportunity classes in primary schools are provided to high achieving, academically gifted students with an educationally enriched environment. Opportunity Class Placement are for Year 4 students seeking entry to Year 5 the following year.

What is the selection criteria for opportunity class placement score?

The selection criteria: Opportunity Class Placement Score based on the placement test results in English, mathematics and general ability. Other evidence of academic merit may also be considered. However their primary school’s assessment of their performance in English and mathematics is no longer required.

What is the format of theoppopportunity class placement test?

Opportunity Class placement test is transitioning to a new test framework and computer-based format through a partnership with Cambridge Assessment and Janison Education Group by 2022. In 2021 the placement test will remain in paper-based format.