What is the old name of the city of Dortmund?

What is the old name of the city of Dortmund?

( High German: As firm as Dortmund). In the past, the city was called Dortmond in Dutch, Tremonia in Spanish and Trémoigne in Old French. However, these exonyms have fallen into disuse and the city is now internationally known by its German name of Dortmund.

Where is the Alter Markt in Dortmund located?

The “Alter Markt” in Dortmund is the historical center of the city. It is located in the south of the shopping street “Westenhellweg”. Like almost no other German city, Dortmund has seen enormous change in recent years. The former “steel city” developed into a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis,…

What is the name of the train station in Dortmund?

The central train station (Dortmund Hauptbahnhof) is the third largest long distance traffic junction in Germany. Dortmund has a railway service with Deutsche Bahn InterCity and ICE-trains stopping at Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (Dortmund Main Station).

What is the main product of Dortmund?

Steeples of the Reinoldikirche (left) and Marienkirche (right), across the Alter Markt in the city centre, Dortmund, Germany. Steel, machinery, electronic equipment, motor vehicles, coal, and beer are the city’s principal products, though it is increasingly dependent on service activities.


Where is Technical University of Dortmund located?

Technical University of Dortmund founded in 1968 is located in the southern part of the city. It has about 30,000 students and a wide range of subjects in of physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, spatial planning and economics.

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