What is the old name of Comilla?

What is the old name of Comilla?

This district was established as the Tripura district in 1790. It was renamed Comilla in 1960.

Why is the Comilla district famous?

Comilla (Cumilla) district is a large district of Bangladesh. In ancient times, it was part of the kingdoms of Pala and Chandra dynasties, and Samatata Janapada. Comilla city is also famous for its colonial architecture and rosh malai sweets. Shalban Bihar (vihara) is the main tourist attraction of Comilla.

How did Comilla home district get its name?

The name Cumilla is derived from the Bengali word Komolangko (Bengali: কমলাঙ্ক), the previous ancient name of the region, which means the pond of lotus. The present Comilla is a district under the Chittagong Division. It was once under ancient Samatata and later became part of the state of Tripura.

How many villages are in the Comilla district?

Comilla district has 5 municipalities, 54 wards, 148 mahallas, 12 upazilas, 1 thana, 180 union parishads, 2704 mouzas and 3624 villages.

Who are the famous personalities of Comilla?


  • Sachin Dev Burman (1906–1975), known as S.D. Burman, singer, composer and music director.
  • Rahul Dev Burman, known as R.D. Burman, son of S.D. Burman, composer and pioneer in Bollywood music direction.
  • Alauddin Khan.
  • Sudhin Das.
  • Ali Akbar Khan.
  • Gazi Mazharul Anwar.

Which is correct Cumilla or Comilla?

Comilla, officially spelled Cumilla, also spelled Kumilla, city, eastern Bangladesh.

Who are some famous people of Comilla?

Which is correct Comilla or Cumilla?

Comilla, officially spelled Cumilla, also spelled Kumilla, city, eastern Bangladesh. It is situated just south of the Gumti River, which is a tributary of the Meghna River.

Is Comilla a division?

Comilla Division (Bengali: কুমিল্লা বিভাগ), is an proposed administrative division within Bangladesh for the northern parts of the existing Chittagong Division , comprising Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Chandpur, Lakshmipur, Noakhali and Feni Districts of Chittagong Division.

How many districts are in Comilla division?

The Division will be subdivided into six districts (zilas) and thence into 59 sub-districts (upazilas).

What is the size of Comilla?

1,192 mi²

Is Comilla a division or district?