What is the Navy DAPA program?

What is the Navy DAPA program?

Drug and Alcohol Program Adviser, or the DAPA, is a liaison between the sailor, the Commanding Officer, and SARP (Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program; “Behavioral and Addiction Health” at your local medical treatment facility).

What are the prevention and control of drugs?

Parental monitoring and supervision are critical for drug abuse prevention. These skills can be enhanced with training on rule-setting; techniques for monitoring activities; praise for appropriate behavior; and moderate, consistent discipline that enforces defined family rules.

What does dapa stand for?


Acronym Definition
DAPA Diaminopimelic Acid
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
DAPA Distribution And Pricing Agreement
DAPA Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association

What is the DAPA’s role in urinalysis?

The Command DAPA is directly responsible for the administration of the command’s Level I alcohol and drug abuse program, excluding duties and responsibilities assigned to the Urinalysis Coordinator.

What program does the Navy have for drug and alcohol dependance?

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program
The Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) provides substance abuse screening, treatment, continuing care and referral for active duty military personnel.

When required to be returned to the issuing activity upon the individual’s transfer clothing loaned to an individual by a Navy activity is referred to by what term?

1. DEFINITION. Organizational clothing is defined as any clothing loaned to an individual by a naval activity, for which there is a requirement above and beyond authorized Navy uniforms. It remains the property of the Navy and is returned to the activity when the individual is transferred.

What does dappa mean?

(Geordie, pejorative) A term used to insult those who are smartly dressed. “Hoo man ye dappa!”

What is the Navy doing about alcohol abuse in the Navy?

To ensure every Sailor receives proper substance abuse prevention awareness training per OPNAVINST 5350.4D. To provide an appropriate environment that encourages Sailors to seek help for alcohol problems, without fear of negative consequences before an alcohol-related incident occurs.

What is the Navy drug screening program?

Drug testing through the Navy Drug Screening Program (NDSP) is a DoD mandated program. Each base has a Program Manager who is responsible for managing both the drug testing program and outreach programs. The overall mission of the program is to deter illicit drug use among all Naval personnel, and is vital to the mission readiness of the Navy.

What is the National Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

The mission of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is to generate ans disseminate fundamental knowledge abouth the effects of alcohol on health and well-being, and apply that knowledge to improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of alcohol related problems including alcohol use disorder, across the lifespan.

What is the purpose of the substance abuse Resources section?

NADAP’s Substance Abuse Resources section offers information on guidelines, best practices, substance abuse education, and protocol for drug testing. The goal is to expand the capacity of support for Sailors by providing the necessary tools to guide and educate leadership. a. Administrative Remarks Page 13