What is the name of open source edition of DNN?

What is the name of open source edition of DNN?

The DNN Platform Edition is open source.

Is DNN open source?

DNN® Platform is our free, open source web CMS and the foundation of every professional DNN® solution. Over 750,000 organizations worldwide have built websites powered by the DNN® Platform.

What is evoq content?

Evoq Content is an industry-leading . NET content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for business users to publish and measure content. The result: fresh, modern web experiences that drive business objectives.

Is DotNetNuke free?

NET CMS. DNN Platform is a free, open source .

What are DNN modules?

Modules extend the functionality of the DNN framework. As DNN is architected in a modular fashion the term “modules” makes sense as a module represents a set of re-usable code that can be installed into any DNN site. Once installed into DNN modules can easily be dragged and dropped to a page.

What DNN 9?

In DNN 9, we’ll be moving the Evoq Persona Bar concept to the DNN platform and completely rebuilding the control panel, admin and host modules to use this new framework. …

What is DNN mobile?

Mobile Responsive DNN Evoq Content makes it fast and easy to deliver a tailored, online experience on any device, anywhere. From device detection to page routing to optimizing content for mobile browsers, Evoq Content is your tool for building and maintaining beautiful, responsive, modern mobile websites.

What is evoq engage?

Evoq™ Engage provides you with a solution. to publish web content and manage an online. community, all on a single website. By hosting. your website and online community on a single.

Who owns DotNetNuke?

ESW Capital
In August 2017, DNN Corp was acquired by ESW Capital. The company’s main product is the DNN (formally DotNetNuke) Web Content Management Platform which is available in both a free Community (Platform) and subscription-based Professional and Enterprise Editions (marketed as Evoq).

What is a DNN platform?


What is DNN in 5G?

In 5G, Data Networks are specifically identified using a DNN. The DNN is typically in the form of an APN (Access Point Name).

What is DNN platform?