What is the name for Fe2O3?

What is the name for Fe2O3?

Ferric Oxide
Ferric Oxide (fe2o3)

What is the name for Fe2Se3?

Iron(III) Selenide. Alias: Ferric Selenide. Formula: Fe2Se3.

What is the name of Fe3S3?

This is a preliminary entry. If you would like more information added to this entry, please contact ChEBI via email or GitHub….CHEBI:21136 – Fe3S3 iron-sulfur cluster.

ChEBI Name Fe3S3 iron-sulfur cluster
Stars This entity has not been annotated and is a preliminary ChEBI entity.

How do you write Fe2O3?

Iron(III) oxide or ferric oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Fe2O3.

What is the molar mass of fe2s3?

207.9 g/mol
Iron(III) sulfide/Molar mass

What is the formula for Iron II sulfide?

Iron(II) sulfide/Formula

What is the molar mass of Fe2S3?

What is the oxidation number of iron in Fe2S3?

Iron Sulfides For FeS, the iron is Fe(II), and for the Fe2S3, the iron is Fe(III). No iron has a 4 + oxidation state.

What is the molecular formula of Fe2S3?

Molecular Formula. Fe2S3. Synonyms. Iron sesquisulfide. Ferric sulfide. Iron (3+) sulfide. IRON (III) SULFIDE. UNII-003Q5FW7CS. More…

What is a synonym for Fe2S3?

Fe2S3. Synonyms. Iron sesquisulfide. Iron (3+) sulfide. Ferric sulfide. IRON (III) SULFIDE. UNII-003Q5FW7CS. More… Molecular Weight.

What is the formula for iron(3+) sulfide?

Iron (3+) sulfide is a member of the class of iron (3+) sulfides that has formula Fe2S3. A black powder, it decomposes at room temperature to give iron (2+) chloride, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur.

What is the difference between Fe2 and Fe3+?

For example, Fe2+ is called the ferrous ion, and Fe3+ is called the ferric ion; Cu+ is the cuprous ion, and Cu2+ is the cupric ion. What mineral is FeS? sulphide) is one of a family chemical compounds and minerals with the approximate formula FeS. Iron sulfides are often iron-deficient non-stoichiometric.