What is the most famous soccer quote?

What is the most famous soccer quote?

The Best Inspirational Soccer Quotes

  • ““As a goalkeeper you need to be good at organizing the people in front of you and motivating them.
  • “Talent without working hard is nothing.” –
  • “Enthusiasm is everything.
  • “In football (soccer), the result is an impostor.

Who said success is no accident?

Pele, the great soccer player said the following — “ Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.”

What are David Beckham’s most famous quotes?

– David Beckham 2. “I never do anything half-heartedly. I will continue to work hard and do everything I can to be successful, whatever I do.” – David Beckham 3. “The secret to my success is practice.” – David Beckham 4. “I still look at myself and want to improve.” – David Beckham 5. “Being hardworking is the best thing you can show children.”

What does David Beckham say about being hardworking?

“Being hardworking is the best thing you can show children.” – David Beckham 6. “Every situation has changed me as a person.” – David Beckham 7. “I’m a strong person, I’m a strong family man, I’m a strong husband and a strong father.” – David Beckham 8.

What are some soccer quotes to motivate you?

Soccer quotes to inspire and motivate you. 49. “The first 90 minutes are the most important.” – Sir Robert William “Bobby” Robson. 50. “When good soccer happens, I give thanks for the miracle and I don’t give a damn which team or country performs it.” – Eduardo Galeano. 51.

What is David Beckham’s net worth?

Outside of the game David Beckham has smartly used his image and brand appeal to create a lifestyle empire which includes fashion, fragrances and more. While he was consistently one of the highest paid players during his career his combined estimated net worth with Victoria Beckham is $1 billion.