What is the meaning of trompe?

What is the meaning of trompe?

Definition of trompe : an apparatus (as for a Catalan forge) in which air is sucked through sloping holes in the upper end of a large vertical wooden tube and led to a furnace by a stream of falling water that is discharged below.

What is the synonym for tromping?

pelting, pommeling. (or pommelling), pounding, pummeling.

What do you mean by Nannandria?

nannandrium (plural nannandria) A male filament in certain green algae.

Is Tromp a Scrabble word?

Tromp is valid Scrabble Word.

Is trompe a verb?

verb (used with object) Informal. to tramp or trample. to defeat soundly; trounce.

What do you mean by bristly?

Definition of bristly 1a : thickly set with bristles a bristly shrub. b : consisting of or resembling bristles a bristly mustache. 2 : inclined to or showing aggressiveness or anger a bristly temperament. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About bristly.

What is the synonym of the word tramp?

roll, cast, ramble, stray, plod, drift, footslog, pad, range, rove, slog, vagabond, wander, swan, roam, trudge. slog, footslog, plod, trudge, pad, trampverb. walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud.

What is Nannandrous and Macrandrous?

As adjectives the difference between macrandrous and nannandrous. is that macrandrous is (botany) having antheridia formed on normal-sized male vegetative filaments while nannandrous is having nannandria.

What is Nannandrium short note?

noun. Botany. The single-celled male plantlet (dwarf male) of nannandrous green algae.

How does a trompe work?

The air forms bubbles in the pipe. As the bubbles go down the pipe they are pressurized proportionally to the hydraulic head, which is the height of the column of water in the pipe. (However, trompes can raise the water, via siphon-effect, nearly to 70% of its initial elevation.)

What is Father Tromp known for?

Sebastiaan Peter Cornelis Tromp, S.J. (16 March 1889 – 8 February 1975) was a Dutch Jesuit priest, theologian, and Latinist, who is best known for assisting Pope Pius XII in his theological encyclicals, and Pope John XXIII in the preparation for Vatican II. He was an assistant to Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani during…

Who is Tromp’s restoration?

Tromp’s Restoration was established in 1982, and is undoubtedly one of the longest standing Roof Cleaning and Spray Coating companies in the Western Cape. Tromp’s Hire, the sister company, was founded shortly after Tromp’s Restoration and through it’s outlet in Ottery, Cape Town, offers specialised Plant and Machinery hire.

What is the meaning of Tromp?

Definition of tromp. (Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : tramp sense 1 a lot of knocking on doors, tromping from room to room — Sara Davidson. 2 : to step hard : stamp tromped on the brake. transitive verb. 1 : tramp. 2 : stamp tromps the accelerator to the floor — Jim Becker. 3 a : to give a physical beating to.

Where was Sebastian Tromp born?

Sebastian Tromp was born in March 1889, the first son of Cornelis Gerardus Tromp (German: Kornelius Gerhard Tromp), a teacher in the Netherlands, and Maria Catherina Lörper. His mother was from an expatriate German family, expelled during the Kulturkampf.