What is the meaning of Poligars?

What is the meaning of Poligars?

Noun. poligar (plural poligars) (historical) A territorial administrative and military governor appointed by the Nayaka rulers of South India during the 16th–18th centuries.

What is Poligars history?

Polygar (also spelled Palegara, Palaiyakkarar, Poligar, Palegaadu, Palegar,Polygari or Polegar) was the feudal title for a class of territorial administrative and military governors appointed by the Nayaka rulers of South India (notably Vijayanagara Empire, Madurai Nayakas and the Kakatiya dynasty) during the 16th–18th …

How many Palayakkarars are there?

‘Palayam’ in Tamil and ‘Palamu’ in Telugu literally means an ‘army camp’. There were 72 Palayams (administrative divisions), each headed by a Polygar, who in turn reported to the Nayaka (Viceroy) of Madurai.

Who introduced Poligars system in Tamil Nadu?

Visvanatha Nayaka
Tamil country was divided into three Nayakships instead of rajyas. Visvanatha Nayaka was the first Nayaka of Madurai Kingdom. By his turn he introduced Palayakarars (Poligar) System in Madurai Kingdom with assistance of Dalavay Ariyanatha Mudhaliyar and divided his region into 72 Palayam.

What do you know about the Palayakkarars name some of them?

Viswanatha Nayak instituted the Palayakkarar system in 1529. The whole country divided into 72 Palayams and were held in military tenure and extended their full co – operation to be need of the Nayaks. Panchalankurichi are some among them.

What is Poligars revolt?

The Polygar Wars or Palaiyakkarar Wars were wars fought between the Polygars (Palaiyakkarars) of the former Tirunelveli Kingdom in Tamil Nadu, India and the British East India Company forces between March 1799 to May 1802 or July 1805.

What do you know about the Palayakaras name some of them?

What is palayam and Palayakkarars?

The Palayakkarar system had evolved with the extension of Vijayanagar rule into Tamil Nadu. Each Palayakkarar was the holder of a territory or Palayam (usually consisting of a few villages), granted to him in return for military service and tribute.

Who was the Poligar of Panchalankurichi?

Bannerman, who led a force to take on Kattabomman (1760-1799), the poligar (local chieftain) of Panchalankurichi (now in Thoothukudi district), paid encomium to the latter in his eight-page report, written in cursive style and sent to Governor Edward Clive (1754-1839), who held the post during 1798-1803 and who was the …

What are the duties of the Palayakkarars?

Answer: The Palayakkarars carried on the following duties: They collected revenue, administered the territory control, settled disputes and maintained law and order. On many occasions the Palayakkarars helped the Nayak rulers to restore the kingdom to them.

What were the duties of the Palayakkarars?

The Palayakkarars duties included collecting revenue, administering the territory, settling disputes and maintaining law and order. The policing tasks they carried out was known as Padikaval or Arasu Kaval. They also kept a battalion of army for the King.