What is the meaning of hen hao?

What is the meaning of hen hao?

very good
“很好” means very good.

What is Wo hen hao in English?

This is Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), not Japanese. Wo=I. Hen=very. Hao=good. Xiexie=thanks/thank you.

Is Xiexie polite?

On the other hand, in Mandarin Chinese, spoken in most parts of mainland China, the standard way of saying “thank you” is “xie xie.” Clearly, there are many ways of showing gratitude in Chinese. To thank you is no longer just about being polite but your ability to fit confidently in society.

What is piao liang?

Beautiful, Pretty, Good-Looking The Mandarin Chinese phrase for “beautiful” or “pretty” is ►piàoliang, and can be used to describe people, places, or objects. Piàoliang consists of two characters: 漂亮.

How do you respond to Wo hen hao?

Simple Responses in Chinese

  1. Hao: good.
  2. Hen Hao: very good.
  3. Bu Hao: not good (bad)
  4. Xie Xie: thank you (pronounced similar to “zh-yeh zh-yeh” with two falling tones) is optional and can be added to the end.
  5. Ni ne: and you? ( pronounced “nee nuh”)

Do Asians say thank you?

You do nice things for your family because they’re family, and saying thank you actually disintegrates this ancestral norm. In China he says, culture dictates ancestral worship with family being paramount. Love is expressed through suffrage, and tolerance, not acceptance and gratitude.

What is thank you in Cantonese?

Do1 Ze6 (多謝) This basically means “Thank You” in Cantonese. This is the common and formal way of saying “thanks”.

What is Xiao Jie?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Xiaojie may refer to: xiăojiě, a Chinese honorific for miss. xiăojiě, a Mandarin Chinese profanity for prostitute.

What does Feichang Hao mean in Chinese?

As Jessica Tang pointed out, 很好, although it literally means “very good,” is often used to mean simply “good,” because 好 by itself (a) can also mean “OK,” and (b) doesn’t flow rhythmically on its own. The 很 is added for rhythm. Hao means good. So, feichang hao means extremely good. Hen hao = Very good.

What does ‘Ni Hao’ mean in Chinese?

‘Ni hao’ or 你好 is Chinese for ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.Ni hao is a Chinese greeting like hello. It literally means ‘you good’. If you add ma at the end that turns Ni hao into a question: Ni hao ma? Which interpretation about the author Ch’i-hao Fei is supported by this source?

Who are the actors in Fei Yue Qin Hai 2003?

The cast of Fei yue qin hai – 2003 includes: Mon Che Kao as Ya Che Clair Chiu as Chin Ming Hao Chang as Ta Chia Duncan Lai as Ah Bin Ariel Lin May Lui as She Shih Alice Wang Li Wei Chang What does hao mean in English? Actually, contrary to the previous poster.

How old is Chang Hao?

Chang Hao was born on November 7, 1976. How do you pronounce Hao? if you mean in Chinese then – how How old is Chang Hao? Chang Hao is 35 years old (birthdate: November 7, 1976). When was Chang Shu-hao born?