What is the meaning of Boca Juniors?

What is the meaning of Boca Juniors?

* Names and colours: When football took hold in Argentina at the turn of the 20th century, it was popular to give newly-founded teams an English name, hence Boca Juniors, who took their colours from the flag of a Swedish ship that happened to be in port at the time of their founding.

Who has more titles River or Boca?

River and Boca are the two biggest and most successful teams in Argentina. River boast a record 36 league titles, but Boca are catching up, winning three of the last four to move on to 33.

Why are River Plate called River Plate?

Club Atlético River Plate, commonly known as River Plate, is an Argentine professional sports club based in the Núñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1901, the club is named after the English name for the city’s estuary, Río de la Plata.

Why is Boca Juniors so famous?

The club is mostly known for its professional football team which, since its promotion in 1913, has always played in the Argentine Primera División, becoming the most successful team of Argentina in number of official titles, with 71 won to date.

Where can I watch River Plate vs Boca Juniors?

Argentina’s Liga Profesional keeps on rolling this weekend with another Superclasico, as River Plate welcomes Boca Juniors to the Monumental. The showpiece fixture will be live streamed on Fanatiz and you can sign up to watch free here.

Why are River Plate and Boca Juniors rivalry?

The rivalry is a story that can be traced back over 100 years. River Plate, or Los Millonarios, were founded in 1901, while Boca Juniors, or Xeneize, were founded in 1905. The move to the affluent district explains why River Plate fans are called Los Millonarios, which translates to ‘The Millionaires.

How many titles does Boca Juniors have?

22 titles
The club is one of the most successful teams in Argentine football, having won 47 domestic titles (34 league titles and 13 national cups). At international level, Boca Juniors have won 22 titles, with 18 competitions organised by CONMEBOL and four by the Argentine and Uruguayan Associations together.

What country is Boca Juniors?

Boca Juniors, in full Club Atlético Boca Juniors, Argentine professional football (soccer) club based in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Boca. Boca Juniors has proved to be one of Argentina’s most successful teams, especially in international club competitions.