What is the meaning behind the song Electric Avenue?

What is the meaning behind the song Electric Avenue?

The song’s title refers to Electric Avenue in the south London district of Brixton which was the first market street to be lit by electricity. According to Grant, he first became aware of the street’s existence during a stint acting at the Black Theatre of Brixton.

Who sang Electric Avenue?

Eddy Grant
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Who wrote the song Electric Avenue?

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Is Electric Avenue a protest song?

“Electric Avenue” was Eddy’s response to the Brixton riots that took place in 1981. Brixton, as talked about in the song was the center stage for the 1981 riots between protesters and police officers. …

Are there real electric avenues?

It’s a Real Place The Electric Avenue referenced in Eddy Grant’s song is real (map). It exists in the Brixton area of London, England, a part of the Brixton Market. The street name derives from a very simple explanation: it began as one of the first market streets in the area lit by electricity.

What happened Eddy Grant?

On 1 January 1971, Grant suffered a heart attack and collapsed lung, leading to his departure from the Equals to concentrate on production, opening his own Coach House Studios in the grounds of his Stamford Hill home in 1972, and starting Ice Records in 1974, initially distributed by Pye Records and later by Virgin …

How many electric avenues are there in the UK?

The OZEV rollout. According to data released regularly by the Department for Transport, 157,652 home-charging EV units have been installed in the UK since 2014. This compares with 1,459 on-street charging points installed under the government’s electric vehicle charging device grant scheme.

When was Electric Avenue originally released?

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Where is Eddy Grant living now?

Eddy, who turned 70 this month, lives in Barbados with his wife Anne and has four children.

Is Eddie Grant married?

Ann Grantm. 1969
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