What is the latest age you can join the Air Force?

What is the latest age you can join the Air Force?

39 years of age
To enlist, you cannot be younger than 17 (18 for GED holders) or older than 39 years of age. To join as an Officer, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 39 years of age. To join as a healthcare or ministry professional, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 48 years of age.

How long is Air Force basic training 2021?

Every enlisted Airman begins their Air Force career with 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT). Challenged both mentally and physically, you’ll get the skills and training you need to develop into Airmen, Wingmen and Warriors.

Can I join the Air Force again?

The Air Force Reserve is open to current military personnel who are transitioning from active duty, former members of any branch of the U.S. military, as well as candidates with no prior military experience.

What are new Air Force recruits called?

United States Air Force Basic Military Training (also known as BMT or boot camp) is an eight-week program of physical and combat training required in order for an individual to become an enlisted Airman in the United States Air Force or enlisted Guardian in the United States Space Force.

Can I switch from army to Air Force?

It’s certainly possible; I did it, 28 years ago. (!) You don’t “switch” so much as you just enlist in the AF when you separate from the the Army, literally on the same day. That being said, it’s something you should talk over with an Air Force recruiter well in advance of your ETS date, so you can make detailed plans.

Why should I join the airforce?

Joining the Air Force is a life-changing decision and opportunity. Airmen fulfill important roles in service to our country, enjoy a close-knit community and embrace a global lifestyle. It’s a journey that’s full of growth and opportunity.

What are bad reasons to join the military?

5 of the Worst Reasons People Enlist in the Military

  • The pay is great. As mentioned above, troops don’t get paid all that well — especially when first entering the service.
  • You’ll get to boss others around.
  • You’ll be killing bad guys all the time.
  • You can simply collect the benefits and bounce.
  • You’ll travel the world.

Can you choose where to be stationed in the Air Force?

There are also rumors that you can choose where you are stationed. Unfortunately, the simple answer is no, you don’t get to simply choose where you are stationed in the Air Force. Instead, Airman are given a chance to communicate their “preferences” and the Air Force decides where you will be stationed.